Someone Just Tried To Compare Maryam Nawaz With Fatima Jinnah And Pakistanis Aren't Having Any Of It

By Sahar Basit | 15 May, 2019

Maryam Nawaz and Fatima Jinnah comparisons are stirring a shitstorm

A couple of months ago, a magazine compared Mawra Hocane to Fatima Jinnah and it did NOT go over well with the public. But it looks like this guy didn’t hear about that because he just did the same thing on his twitter and the Pakistani are fuming once again.


Someone compared Maryam Nawaz with Fatima Jinnah, causing a lot of Pakistanis to lose their tempers and their sleep

Maryam Nawaz, the PML N leader and daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was compared with Fatima Jinnah and Benazir Bhutto as a “daughter of democracy” and as one of the “three generations” who’ve struggled for the same cause.


This tweet definitely has not gone over well with the public and, well, their reactions say it all


Some saw this as the joke of the century…


While others were in no mood for this kind ofΒ mazaak


There were some greats trolls against Maryam Nawaz too


Pakistanis definitely can’t have anyone being compared to Fatima Jinnah, after all she’s seen as the mother of the nation and inevitably comparing politicians or celebrities, who are polarizing figures, as is, is not going to sit well with the people who don’t appreciate or follow those politicians and celebrities.

What do you think of this comparison? Sound off in the comments below.


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This Magazine Compared Mawra Hocane To Fatima Jinnah And It’s Caused An Online Uproar


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