LOL, Brands Are Selling Sasta Knockoffs Of Maryam Nawaz's Shoes And Bag

By Sannia Bilal | 16 Jul, 2018

All of Pakistan has been exceptionally alert pertaining to the Sharifs’ arrest over the past few days. While a lot of attention was given to the actual arrest, Maryam Nawaz seemed to catch everyone’s attention as well. Just…not for something you’d expect.

People thought it was rather odd that Maryam Nawaz was serving some major looks on her way to prison. 

See? She was pretty nicely dressed. 


On her way to Adiala Jail all the way from England, MNS adorned the much-hyped Gucci’s fringe leather horsebit sliders worth $650 and a green intrecciato leather tote by Bottega Veneta worth $2,650.

As in, these right here.

Via Instagram


That’s…a lot. Interesting.

Via Giphy

She was even seen making a quick stop for some products.

Via Instagram


And as per tradition, Pakistanis had a lot to say on social media.


Like…a lot.


Some passed comments on her attire.


Others were rather upfront with their thoughts.



And some were… well… ‘Filmy’

Some couldn’t help but praise her style.


Khair, while Maryam Nawaz was busy, dressed to impress, something interesting started happening online. Suddenly, online stores started advertising cheap knock-offs of Maryam’s look. Don’t believe us?

Yeh dekhein.

A+ quality available all sizes in 2500 for order plz what's app or come inbox

Gepostet von Ayza Kollection am Samstag, 14. Juli 2018


Aur yeh bhi.

Guccccii SlippersPrice: Rs.1999Sizes Available For Order Contact WhatsApp 0331-2081964

Gepostet von Wishlistpk am Sonntag, 15. Juli 2018


I mean…it’s a little uncanny.


Gepostet von Bags Mart am Sonntag, 15. Juli 2018


Seriously, EXACTLY the same! AND cheaper!

Via Giphy


Could just be a coincidence, right? Okay, but then explain these side-by-side comparisons.

Via Facebook

Now that we’ve covered the sliders, let’s take a look at our options for that gorgeous handbag she carried. Uska bhi sasta version hai.

(Excuse me while I cry)

Bottega veneta bagPrice 4500 rupeesFree delivery Traveling bag…#pakistan #pakistani #pakistanistyle…

Gepostet von Cherry cosmetics am Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2018

Almost unbelievable how you can avail these items within your budget. Pakistanis really do seem to have a sasta solution for everything.



Will you be buying these? Share your thoughts with us in your comments.


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