Pakistanis Are Demanding Justice For Bushra Rajpar After The 16 Year Old Was Gang Raped In Karachi

By Noor | 13 Feb, 2021

16 year old Bushra Rajpar went through a terrible ordeal but lived to tell her tale

Despite being repeatedly highlighted, talked about, and criticized, the aggression and acts of violence towards women have become a daily occurrence in Pakistan. It has not been long since the motorway incident traumatized the whole country and now another gut-wrenching incident has left the people in shock.


Recently, Bushra Rajpar, a grade 11 student in Karachi was gang raped on her way back from school

According to the statement made by the father, he was told that Bushra, his daughter did not return from school. He said that he kept looking for her the entire day but wasn’t able to find a clue. The next day, he received a call from the Police station which told him that they found Bushra on a road. The father reached the police station and took Bushra to the hospital. Later, he was told that the girl was gang-raped. As per the statement, the father has already registered the FIR. He says that his daughter can recognize those men and all they want is justice. The family does not want the incident to get repeated with some other girl and this is primarily the main reason behind them registering the FIR. In his own words, ” aaj aik Bushra ki zindagi inho nay tabha ki hai yahan ilaqay tau aur yahan pata nahe kitni Bushra hon ge jin ki yeh zindahi tabha karien gay.

The father of Bushra kept on urging the government and the law enforcement agencies to actively do something for his daughter and the women of this country.


People are overcome with grief and shock over this brutal act of violence against the young Bushra Rajpar


Demands for justice to be served are yet again being heard across social media in Pakistan

Via: Twitter


People are pleading the government to address the case and to ensure that incidents like this do not happen in the future

Doesn’t it feel like a broken record now that we have to keep saying the same things yet sexual violence against women and children continues to be rampant?


This incident, yet again, has opened the debate regarding the need for capital punishment and people have been demanding public hanging of the rapists

The efficacy of and perpetuation of further violence through a public hanging aside, it is high time that authorities start ensuring safety for women and children.


People kept on lamenting the state of affairs and were sad to realize that women in this country have been reduced to mere sex objects


Students in various parts of the country have also organized protests to demand justice for their fellow Bushra Rajpar


Incidents like this clearly show how the culture of violence and oppression has deeply penetrated into the social fabric of our society. The lack of action from authorities further shows how safety of women and children and matters pertaining to the rights of women and children – particularly sexual health and well-being are either completely disregarded or not understood by the men in positions of power.

The demands for justice and the social media trends end up highlighting the issue but the authorities have not been able to ensure that incidents like these do not happen in the future. With every day passing it is becoming hard to believe that Pakistan is a safe place for its women.


Farhat Hashmi Of Al-Huda Tried To Justify Marital Rape And It Has Triggered A Lot Of People


Cover image via: @MizrahJilani/Twitter

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