Hair Trouble? Here's How To Have It ALL In One Easy Way

By MangoBaaz Studio | 13 Feb, 2021

Winter has not been kind this year, and even less kind are my hair and scalp that have a life of their own. The science of hair care is lost on me.

I’ve tried too many things to count. Shampooing every day, never shampooing, conditioning only, leave in conditioning, oils, supplements, and had every desi totka thrown my way by well-meaning aunties. But my hair and scalp do not behave for longer than 1 week at any given time of the year. I’m DONE with all these complicated hair care routines. 

Which is why I had nearly given up on it all when Pantene launched its new 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner variant.

Source: Pantene

So, not only is it a one-step hair care situation, it also reduces the amount of time I have to spend shivering in the shower. I guess you could say it comes with an easy and simple routine, without having to compromise on caring for one’s hair.

So yes, I was definitely psyched when they unveiled it at the Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week. Being a sucker for bridal wear, I just HAD to catch the whole show.

Source: Pantene

At one point, these beautiful women put an incredible show for the audience, intense hairography dominating the stage.

Source: Pantene

And then in an awe striking ceremony Maya Ali, the brand ambassador for Pantene, unveiled the new Pantene 2 in one variant. 

Source: Pantene

An innovation like this is truly a dream come true for someone lazy but still hair conscious like me. So not only does it clean out my scalp but it also battles hair fall AND hydrates and conditions my hair? It truly sounded too good to be true. But here we were. So now I finally have a go to hair care routine. And I’d strongly recommend everyone else out there to try it too!

If you already have, let me know how this product is treating you!


This post has been sponsored by Pantene.

Cover image via Pantene

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