Here's Your Ultimate Guide To PSL Deals In Lahore’s Restaurants And Cafés

By Urfa Bhatti | 21 Mar, 2018

PSL deals in Lahore that will keep you company before it ends.


As we’re headed into the last leg of Pakistan Super League 2018, let’s talk about all the exciting plans one can make to watch the remaining event matches. Of course, that involves food (because nothing is complete without some good food). That’s exactly where these yummy PSL deals come in.

Cricket comes home and so do great food deals. If you’re looking for PSL deals in Lahore, check out this list. Host a viewing party and tell us about your experience by leaving a restaurant review on Hungerist.

This post will be updated as new deals are get introduced:


Broadway Pizza

Source: @syedkumailphotography/ Facebook

Cafe Hollywood

Source: @cafehollywoodlahore/ Facebook


Source: @cafehollywoodlahore/ Facebook


Source: @cafehollywoodlahore/ Facebook


Source: @cafehollywoodlahore/ Facebook


Source: @cafehollywoodlahore/ Facebook


Galito’s Flame-Grilled Chicken

Source: @GalitosPakistan/ Facebook


Karachi Hot n Spicy

Get your fix of chatpata desi food at Hot n Spicy.



Kickstart Cafe



Maroo Tandoor

Source: @MaroTandoors/ Pakistan



2 McCrispy Burgers, 6 pieces of McNuggets, 2 Fries and 2 Drinks for only Rs. 849/-



Manji Munch

1 Afghani Burger (chicken), 1 Mini Naan (any), 1 Drink or Tea for 330/- 

Source: @ManjiMunch/ Facebook



Source: @OPTPfries/ Facebook


Snack Up

Source: @EatSnackUp/ Facebook



Source: @Streetfood360/ Facebook


Taipei Restauraunt

Source: @TaipeiChineseCuisine/ Facebook


Tuscany Courtyard

Guess the winning team and win brunch for two at Tuscany Courtyard.

Source: @TuscanyCourtyardLahore/ Facebook


What’a Paratha

Chicken malai boti wrap, tandoori garlic mayo wrap, nutella paratha & 500ml soft drink all for Rs. 520/-

Source: @What’aParatha/ Facebook


So get yourself some delicious food to munch on while you watch the final moments of the teams fighting it to lift the coveted trophy this year.

Share this post with your friends and host a cricket viewing party. For more conversations about food, check out Hungerist. Happy eating.


Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To PSL Deals In Karachi’s Restaurants And Cafés

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