PM Imran Khan Made It To 100 Global Thinkers In The World And Some Pakistanis Are Still Trolling Him For It

By Ramsha Bhatti | 21 Jan, 2019

PM Imran Khan has been in the news A LOT lately, and for all the right and wrong reasons. Mr. Prime Minister has been receiving a lot of crap for various reasons related to his government and people have not really been happy with lately.

Just last year, PM IK was featured among the top 50 World’s Most Influential Muslims’ list of 2019 and Pakistanis literally lost their cool as it was a proud moment for the nation. Even amidst all this hate, Mr. Khan has finally managed to shine again.


PM Imran Khan has been placed in yet another list of powerful people from around the globe

Only this time, the list includes people who have been classified as the top global thinkers of the last decade. This list was by Foreign Policy magazine.

Seems like this is the PM’s shining moment given the fact that his place in the country and among his followers has been rather very unstable in the last few months.

The list is yet to be “officially” released on the 22nd of Jan and Pakistanis would have to wait to see which position Imran Khan bagged, but that hasn’t stopped people from giving their “prestigious” 2 cents on the matter.


Some have been rather proud by this achievement.


Others have made it sure to send some support and love their PM’s way

People are very proud of their PM and his capabilities.


There are many who’ve refused to accept PM Imran Khan’s shining moment in light of the recent mistakes he’s been making


Various recent incidents were raised to question Imran Khan’s credibility to be on the list

I mean of course, the PM’s administration has been making some very questionable decisions as of lately and people weren’t going to let that go that easily.

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Aleema Khan’s reference was also made

Yaar bhai, wo kahan se agayi?

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The reaction of the masses has been mixed, but largely supportive

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IK ki tareef ho, and Nawaz Sharif ka zikar na ho? Impossible!

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Lol, the classic patwari taunt also came

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Regardless of everything, the PM has been making the country proud and prominent on various global platforms. We have yet to see how he and his team cope up with the current stressful state of affairs.

In the meantime, do let us know about your take on the matter.


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