Someone Just Put Pizza In Their Chai And Everyone's Like Ye Kiya Mazak Hai Yaar

By Ather Ahmed | 26 Jul, 2017

What I am about to show you is not for the weak. If you have a heart condition I suggest you close this post right now. I am serious. This is not a joke. You should sell your phone,computer and move to the North Pole. That’s how scary this is. I still don’t know why I am writing about this. Oh yeah I have bills to pay.  So anyway…


Everyone loves Pizza

Via: Tumblr


But some people’s pizza toppings are a little too extreme, like pineapples on pizza



Desi people’s pizza obsession includes stuff like tikka topping



Or seekh kabab stuffing

Source: @ConnerWWallace / Twitter


And it’s been a while since we recovered from this abomination

Source: Pizza Roma Via: Facebook

Yea remember when some asshole thought that serving biryani on pizza would be a great business idea. A pizza place in Bangladesh served it on the menu calling it the ‘best of both worlds’.  As expected people hated it.


Or how about the time when this restaurant decided to serve Nihari flavored Pizza


A restaurant in Karachi known as Auzee Pizza were responsible for this. What else do you expect from an Australian eatery in Karachi. I mean seriously what is wrong with people. No wonder innovation has been frowned upon in many cultures in history


If you thought that was bad what this guy did will make you puke your intestines

Source: Just Pakistani Things Facebook

This person, lets just call him the devil’s spawn dipped a slice of pizza in chai. Just writing that grinds my gears. I mean why. Why would you do that?

They say some people just want to watch the world burn. Well this guy wants the world to bathe in shit. Yaar kuch khuda ka khauf karo. I mean we are all about likes and views. We have done a lot of questionable things for a few clicks and shares. Yea its addictive. But even we have our limits.


Obviously people were angry. I am surprised about there being no hartaal against this, yet

Source: Just Pakistani Things/Facebook

Still want to watch the full video? Here it is. Don’t say we didn’t warn you


Posted by Just Pakistani Things on Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017


Would you dunk your pizza in chai?


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