Somebody Put Biryani On Pizza And The Pakistani Internet Had Zero Chill

By Haadia Paracha | 25 Jan, 2017

Many of us wholeheartedly indulge in all sorts of fusion foods. Whether it’s the meetha and namkeen pairing of gobbling down channa, halwa and poori together in one nibble or the western take on sweetened meat. Which is why all things considered, pairing two food group from the east and the west shouldn’t be THAT big a deal.

But, big deal it was.

Someone put biryani on top of a pan-crust pizza and it wasn’t welcomed with open arms.

Look at the gol mol koftas though.

Source: Pizza Roma Via: Facebook

A pizza parlor based in Dhaka, Bangladesh posted this photo last year precisely on April, 1st captioned, “Pizza Biriyani! The best of both worlds!”. One would think the fine text right under the image would be given some weight but hell, no. One can imagine how the world of all (April fools) and food connoisseurs came tumbling down.


So, because PTCL internet is so slow (haha), it took the image a whole nine months to finally make it to Pakistani Twitter.

And there was ZERO CHILL everywhere.

There were haters.

And H-A-T-E-R-S in caps.


There were tajziyakaars

There were folks who just COULDN’T believe this was happening.

And then, there were some who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.

Some of my colleagues were also very, very enticed.

As for me, I haven’t quite made up my mind yet. I love pizza and biryani equally and devotedly and I’m not entirely sure their holy matrimony is really my scene. We’re more interested in what YOU think? A hit or a miss?


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