This is What Pakistanis Think About their Phupho

By Sarmad Amer | 13 Nov, 2015

Thanks to TV dramas and stories travelling one bitchy ear to another, a phupho in Pakistan is as notorious as a certain mustachioed German dictator is for the West.

Here are some of the things some of you have said about your phupho:

This guy is scared of his phupho


Or this girl who is more patriotic than she is phupho-loving


This person is annoyed by their phupho‘s prying eyes


This guy has a musically inclined phupho


Even Phupho‘s kids are not spared


This guy knows what your phupho is doing when she tells you how AMAZING their dinner was


And this guy’s phupho never talks, only taunts


This guy’s phupho is apparently a natural disaster


This girl just hates everyone in the family, equally

Her motto: Just hate, don’t discriminate


This person’s phupho is probably a legal eagle


This girl is different from the everyone else because she has a loving phupho


Their dad is more scared of their phupho than they are


This phupho has decided to speak out against the injustice phuphos everywhere face


And this guy knows how those of us who have a good phupho feel like


How is your phupho like? Tell us in the comments below.

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