Pakistanis Are Circulating Petitions Against TLP Leadership And It's Obvious That People Have Had Enough

By Ramsha Bhatti | 4 Nov, 2018

Pakistan has been in a state of utter chaos, following Asia Bibi’s acquittal in the nearly decade-long blasphemy case. People rejoiced over the court’s ruling and many were ecstatic about the decision. However, this happiness was short lived. TLP and its members were enraged by the decision and started nationwide riots. Soon things went completely out of hand.


Following three days of protests and riots throughout Pakistan over Asia Bibi case’s verdict, PTI’s leadership finally tried to managed the commotion.

‘Tried’ being the operative word here.


As per the PTI management, talks with the protestors and party leaders were on their way and soon a solution was to be found. Even the PM, himself, told the people of Pakistan, in a national address, to maintain their composure, using choice words against the perpetrators of this chaos.


However, after a lot of confusion over Asia Bibi’s fate, a photo of a very troublesome document made rounds on social media, which comprised of the points the TLP had put forth.

In the end, there was a half-assed apology by the TLP figureheads which has managed to piss of millions across the entire nation.

An apology was not going to suffice for the collateral damage the riots had caused.

People of Pakistan who had suffered, either financially, physically or just emotionally because of the protests were protesting against this joke of an apology and demanded strict legal action to be taken against all those involved in the process.


Since the government seemed interested in bending over for talks with those inciting violence against state institutions, civil society has decided to take things into their own hands.

Jibran Nasir, for instance, took to Twitter to talk about the gravity of the matter and talked not only to his followers but to the members of the government as well.

A petition is also being circulated to have a criminal trial against Khadim Rizvi for spreading terrorism in Pakistan. 

Source: Jibran Nasir / Facebook


Besides Jibran Nisar, people who were stirred by how events had transpired also started campaigning for the same cause.

And to their delight, the movement has started to catch on, Osman Khalid Butt is now part of this movement, too.

In order to get insight about these petitions, MangoBaaz talked to one of the members of Pakistan Votes who told us how the organization is making an effort to take the legal recourse:

“The legal route is a slow process, it’s ironic really that committing an act of violence or a crime can happen within minutes but seeking justice is a painfully slow process. The key is we cannot let ourselves grow numb to such episodes. There has been a gross breach of our fundamental rights and we cannot let this slip.”


Apart from the civil society activists, the government has also started to take action against the protestors

According to reports, more than 5000 TLP activists have been arrested after Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered a crackdown against the protestors who engaged in vandalism. This comes only a day after the “deal” was struck with TLP leadership.

Source: PTI Lover / Facebook

Minister of State for Interior, Shehryar Afridi said, “I respect the religious scholars who said they were not involved in the damage and that some miscreants were doing this. The interior ministry is taking steps to identify those miscreants”.

Cases have also been registered against Khadim Hussain Rizvi, among other TLP leaders.


The bottom line is: Pakistanis are uniting to take action. This is evident through their reactions to the petitions too.

These past few days have been very challenging for Pakistan. The country has suffered monetary and physical loss, and how the country recuperates from this mess is another debate altogether. Let us know what you think about all of this in the comments.


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