These 15 People Have The Most Unique Death Wishes Ever

These 15 People Have The Most Unique Death Wishes Ever

These 15 People Have The Most Unique Death Wishes Ever

Death is a tricky subject since it makes a lot of people uncomfortable, scared or even sad. Then again, death is an experience that everyone will have so might as well make the most of it.

Here are the most interesting death wishes that you will ever hear or read about:


1. Like this guy who’s been bhai zoned


2. And this girl who’s too confident for her own good


3. And this one who wants to spend her afterlife in service to humanity


4. This person who hates the world and doesn’t want anything to do with you after their death


5. And this person who’s afraid of the things their death will reveal


6. This optimistic person who expects a little too much from their friends

7. And this Star Wars fan who won’t get over their obsession even after death


8. This joker who will probably make jokes from beyond their grave


9. And this one who believes this is all yahoodi sazish


10. This person who can’t wait too die

11. This poor guy who’s not happy with their weight

12. This guy wants to be a burden on their mother’s feet after death

Or maybe it’s just their grammar.


13. And this one who’s being straight up honest with everybody


14. This person’s death wish is to get revenge on their teacher


15. And here’s the most interesting death wish

We all do buddy, we all do.



What is your wish after you’re dead?

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