14 Types of People During Ramazan

14 Types of People During Ramazan

14 Types of People During Ramazan

Somehow, Ramazan tends to bring out different traits among different people. Maybe it’s the prolonged hours of hunger coupled with the scorching heat. Or maybe it’s an opportunity for people to show a side of themselves they don’t feel comfortable with the rest of the year. Whatever the reason may be, it’s undeniable that this holy month causes some interesting behavior to surface.


1. The ones that don’t get up for Sehri.

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2. The ones that somehow become Muslims during Ramazan.

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3. The ones that go to the mosque to hang out.

Source: Morocco World News


4. The ones that don’t fast but go to all the iftari buffets.

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5. The ones that forget they’re fasting.

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6. The ones that day dream about food.

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7. The ones that hibernate throughout this month to survive.

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8. The ones that eat iftar and then have dinner after.

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9. The ones that complain about fasting.

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10. The ones that are looking forward to all the weight they’ll lose at the end of Ramazan.

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11. The ones that claim to go for Taraweeh but end up going somewhere else.

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12. The ones that dream about the post iftar smoke.

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13. The ones who make a pious promise to themselves which they will naturally break after holy month.

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14. The ones that go about their normal lives but remember that it’s the month of Ramazan.

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Stay strong everyone!

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