People Can't Get Over How Pathetic Kaaf Kangana Is After Its “Interesting” New Trailer

By Anoosha Rehan | 13 Oct, 2019

Kaaf Kangana trailer released yesterday and let’s just say, the overall sentiment is pretty unanimous.

An upcoming Pakistani movie? Revolving around the Kashmir issue? Why wouldn’t people be excited, right? Keeping that in mind, Kaaf Kangana‘s trailer was released yesterday.

A trailer usually does a lot to make one decide whether or not they’ll be watching the movie. And ever since its release, I think people have already made up their minds.


Once the trailer dropped, trolling began.


People found no relevance and coherence in the trailer of Kaaf Kangana


People just could not comprehend what they had seen


The Kaaf Kangana trailer was added to the top worst things of the year


People were pissed at Kashmir being cashed in on for the movie


Just.. leave Kashmir alone


Some people had absolutely no chill…


The reactions about Kaaf Kangana said it all



People are shook at what they have seen in the name of this trailer. Some people think the Kashmir issue is just forcibly dragged into the movie to give it some direction. Others just went ahead and trolled the crap out of it.

Have you seen the trailer? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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