People Are Trolling Indian Media For Thinking That Atif Aslam Named His New Baby “Alhamdulilah”

By Hafsa Ahmad | 24 Dec, 2019

Indian Media ne Atif Aslam ke baby ka naam he rol diya

Atif Aslam has been a heartthrob for both, India and Pakistan. No matter how great the tension between the two countries, we could all join to form a choir to sing along to his songs if ever given the chance.


Atif Aslam and his wife were recently blessed with the cutest baby ever

He shared the news on his Instagram and the post read:

“Ladies and gentlemen our NEW arrival Alhamdulilah. Both mother and baby are fine. Keep us in your prayers and don’t forget to say Mashallah.”


Naturally, media was overjoyed and sharing the news


But Indian media ne Atif Aslam ke baby ka name hee rol diya



People were shook at WTF just happened with Indian media naming Atif Aslam and his wife’s new baby


So obviously, they trolled the shit out of the publications who assumed the baby’s was ‘Alhamdulilah’


All that backlash for Indian media naming Atif Aslam’s new baby led to the publication finally realizing that they may have made an error about the name of the baby

Considering that this isn’t the first time that they have effed up, we’ve got to say we’re not too surprised. However, they did apologize which is something you don’t see everyday, we’re hoping that the chances of such errors happening again in the future are relatively minimal.

PFFT who are we kidding? ITS INDIAN MEDIA Y’ALL! pretty sure they’ll keep giving us moments to go WTF about. What do you think? comment and let us know.


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Cover image via: @atifaslam / Instagram

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