Indian Media Just Blamed Pakistan For The Heatwave And Lagta Hai Inko Garmi Ziada Lag Gayi

By Noor | 10 Jun, 2019

The widely divergent and deeply entrenched historical narratives about a still-painful partition continue to feed the adversarial character of the relationship between India and Pakistan. This is the reason why both countries end up blaming each other for various happenings in their own country, even the most absurd ones.


So, the Indian media has accused Pakistan for causing the scorching hot weather that’s been going around lately

Indians are claiming that the hot winds from Sindh Pakistan have entered the Western regions of India and this has led to a drastic increase in temperature. They have been asserting that the extreme heat from Pakistan is directly impacting the areas of Rajasthan.

It is also being said that the hot winds are affecting the northern areas of India too.


After the news spread, Pakistanis are making sure they are flexing their meme skills


The savage jokes cracked by Pakistanis are definitely extremely funny

People are saying that India should also blame Pakistan for the exponential growth in their population.


Pakistanis stated that Indians need a separate and isolated sky so that they can’t blame anyone else for their weather conditions


 A few even thanked Jinnah for partition


They went on to praise the performance of ‘Major Weather’

After the exceptional performance of Major Adnan Sami during the Abhinandan situation, it seems like Major Weather is the next man performing his mission.


A few people even dragged Reham Khan into the situation and asserted that Indians are acting like her

They somehow found the comparison funny that Indian media is acting like an insecure ex, calling them Reham Khan.


Pakistanis also made sure to remind the internet how ‘fantastic’ the tea still is


They also claimed that the Sun is an ISI agent too


People thanked the minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Fawad Chaudhry for successfully sending the heatwave to India eliminating the need to send missiles in case of a conflict

Lagay haathon Fawad Chaudhry ko bhi troll kar diya.


Finally, a few pointed out that Indian news channels have transformed into comedy shows thus they should NOT be taken seriously


Interestingly, in the past, Pakistan too has blamed India for bad weather conditions in our country

During the severe smog crisis that Punjab faces every winter season, people this side of the border are quick to blame Indian farmers for burning crops and being the main cause for that smog in Pakistan.



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