People Are Pissed After Rumors That Mohsin Abbas Haider Is Marrying The Girl His Wife Accused Of Having An Affair With Him

By Aam Nawab | 27 Aug, 2019

Mohsin Abbas Haider marrying Nazish Jahangir is pissing quite a few people

There was a lot of concern after Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife accused him not only of domestic violence but also having an affair. People from all walks of life came forward supporting Fatema Sohail for being brave in sharing her plight. Many celebrities came forward against Mohsin, condemning his actions.


During this whole situation Mohsin Abbas Haider kept denying accusations of domestic violence as well as the affair

In a press conference after allegations were leveled by his wife, Mohsin asked her to prove her allegations while maintaining his denial of mistreatment.



There was a lot of hatred directed at the woman accused of having an affair with Mohsin, as well – Nazish Jahangir


Recently rumors have started circulating that Mohsin Abbas Haider might be marrying Nazish Jahangir after cryptic social media posts emerged of the two of them

An Instagram account allegedly posted that the two are the next celebrity couple to get married and Nazish appears to have responded with “soon InshAllah”. Her comment was liked by Mohsin and people are assuming this to be a cryptic announcement of their rumored wedding.

Mohsin Abbas Haider marrying Nazish 1
Via: Instagram


Mohsin Abbas Haider marrying Nazish 2
Via: Instagram


In light of denials by Mohsin of the alleged actions toward his wife, Fatema, these rumors have pissed a lot of people

They’re calling out Mohsin Abbas Haider for marrying the woman he denied having any relations with because they think it’s hypocritical of him. To them it appears to prove not only his alleged affair but also the domestic violence accusations leveled against him.

Whatever the case may be it will be clearer in the near future if the actor does indeed go onto marrying Nazish and proving those who’re accusing him of lying.

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Actor And Singer Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Wife Just Spoke Up About Allegations Of Domestic Violence

The Model Accused Of Having An Affair With Mohsin Abbas Haider Has Come Out With A Statement


Cover image via: @nazishjahangir via Instagram / @mohsinabbashaider via Facebook

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