People Are Disgusted After Noman Ijaz Publicly Stated That He Apparently Cheats On His Wife

By Rameeza Ahmad | 8 Sep, 2020

Actor Noman Ijaz appeared to joke about secretly cheating on his wife

Iffat Omar hosts a web show on Najam Sethi’s official YouTube channel called Say It All with Iffat Omar. She hosts various different guests on the show, most of them being actors and actresses in the Pakistani entertainment industry. One of her guests video has resurfaced and it’s causing a lot of distress for people.


Recently, a clip of an interview of actor Noman Ijaz has resurfaced and a lot of people are getting pissed about it

The clip resurfaced from an episode of the show which was originally posted on 12th August, 2019. In this clip from the interview, Iffat asks Noman that since artistic people are ‘aashiq mizaaj’, how he managed a successful marriage. He says that he is very luck in terms of his wife Rabia and is playing the role of a husband as that is what is required of him.

Source: Najam Sethi Official / YouTube

She then asks him if despite that, whether he was prone to falling in love with other women. Noman says that he is indeed someone who falls in love quite often. He says that he falls in love every other moment, every single day. And that women who are beautiful on the inside and out, and hard to get are his favorite.

Iffat then asks him if he then acts on that ‘love’ and Noman Ijaz confidently replies that yes, he indeed does! Iffat is a little taken aback by this and asks him if his wife doesn’t mind that Noman casually falls in love with other women. He goes on to say, that his wife never finds out because he is a good actor and an intelligent man.

So Iffat goes on to ask whether the woman he is in love with knows… he says that usually the woman’s husband doesn’t know either.

And the nail in the coffin is when Iffat asks whether the woman herself knows. Noman Ijaz very casually states that of course she does, and confirms that the woman even reciprocates! After this Iffat laughs the conversation off stating that she needs some tips from Noman Ijaz.


Not only that, Noman Ijaz also appears to discredit the powerful #MeToo movement in another clip of the interview


People are disgusted that Noman Ijaz is shamelessly admitting to being unfaithful to his wife

While at first instance one is inclined to think he may just be making a casually misogynistic joke, the fact that the conversation just continues to crumble is very uncomfortable to continue watching.


Some were upset at Iffat’s reaction to his admission being giggling and asking him to ‘teach her his tricks’

For someone vocal like Iffat about women’s rights, to not push back at Noman’s misogynistic comments, is a let down for so many people.


People commented on whether if this was a married woman making a comment like this, she wouldn’t survive to see another day.


Someone even said that the biggest issue with continued violence against women in our society were casual comments and jokes thrown by men like Noman


You can watch the entire interview here:

What did you think about Noman Ijaz’s comments on Iffat Omar’s show? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: Najam Sethi Official / YouTube

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