Actress Iffat Umar Just Perfectly Explained How Children In The Entertainment Industry Can Be Protected From Abuse

By Alveena Jadoon | 1 Feb, 2018

Iffat Umar is considered one of best Pakistani models and actors of her time. She decided to use the clout and respect that she has on Facebook to address a very important issue.


Iffat just addressed an important issue of protecting children in the entertainment industry from sexual abuse



The Pakistani media industry has a lot of children working at various levels

These are underage kids who are exposed to the work environment at a very early age. This means that they are also at the risk of being molested or abused. One can certainly not close their eyes to the risk involved. They actively interact with strangers and many are bound to take advantage of the situation as well.



In order to protect them, Iffat Umar suggests the following

She urges everyone on the sets to create a safe environment for them and to protect them. She believes that this can be done by accommodating their school schedules, making sure a parent or guardian is present with them on the sets, and someone reliable is helping them out while changing on set.


People in the industry and her fans readily welcomed the idea and encouraged its implementation

Via: Facebook


Via: Facebook


Via: Facebook


Via: Facebook


In one of her comments, Iffat also pointed out a very important aspect of the responsibility of parents of child actors

She says that most of the times, even if parents accompany their children, they are more interested in the gossips on sets. They fail to realize that their children are being exposed to adult conversations which they should not be a part of. This leads to kids maturing before age and takes away their childhood from them.

Via: Facebook


If people in the industry realize the risks involved, then action is must. Children everywhere are the responsibility of everyone. No one should be able to violate them or take away their innocence.


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