Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Weird Phadda Between VJ Anoushey Ashraf And Yasir Hussain

By Noor | 7 Sep, 2020

Anoushey Ashraf and Yasir Hussain are beefing over Dirili┼č:┬áErtu─črul

Yasir Hussain’s disdain for the currently popular Turkish show ‘Dirili┼č:┬áErtu─črul‘ is not a secret. He has found opportunities, time and again, to make his dissatisfaction with the show, known. Well, he just himself into trouble with a fellow famous personality after his recent comments about the Turkish show.


It all started when Yasir Hussain took yet another shot at throwing shade at Dirili┼č: Ertu─črul┬áby implying that foreign actors may be┬ákachra

So, while the actor was casually talking about a photo of Pakistani dressed up in the ancient Turkish show’s costumes, he mentioned that no one’s going to value input by the local artists because in his words, ” ghar ki murghi daal barabar aur bahir ka kachra bhe maal barabar.”┬á┬á


As soon as his comments spread across social media, TV personality Anoushey Ashraf shared her thoughts on the statement by Yasir Hussain 

In the comments of a social media post, Anoushey tried to explain to Yasir regarding an unspoken bond of mutual respects between the artists from various backgrounds.

She started off by asserting that if a certain piece of art is not appealing to one person that does not mean that the effort and hard work put in by the team can be discredited. She further stated that Ertu─črul is far from being a kachra show because of it’s wide fan base in Pakistan. Anoushey┬áconcluded her remark by mentioning that this is an eyeopener for the local entertainment industry that the people now have started to reject the kachra┬ábeing fed to Pakistan’s entertainment industry and also, they are looking for better projects.


So, of course, Yasir responded to Anoushey’s comment by explaining that he didn’t thow shade Ertu─črul and in fact, there was no mention of the Turkish series in his remark

The actor tried to prove his point by saying that he was trying to promote nationalism, local goods, and the local industry. He said that all that he meant was that since ages, we as a nation have degraded the local market, local culture, and local industry and referred to our own products as kachra.┬áHe ended his statement by throwing shade at Anoushey who is most famous for her VJ-ing gigs, in the English language. Yasir said, “aap nay saari zindagi angrezi boli, angrezi gaanay bajaye hain apnay show pai, apko samjhana thora mushkil hai.”┬á

Worst of all, he even asked Anoushey to “calm down”. Yasir, at your age you should know, never to tell women to “relax” and “calm down”. Not only is it extremely irritating, it is also extremely patronizing.


Anoushey was not one to back down either, she continued with her dragging of Yasir Hussain in yet another social media post

In the comments of yet another post on Instagram, Anoushey urged everyone to give Yasir some space and said people should not unnecessarily troll the actor. She ended the note by mentioning that it was a fun public debate.

Hmmm, sounds like she was trying to keep things civilized but also throw some shade back at Yasir for his very irritating “calm down”.


Naturally, Yasir Hussain needed to have the last word and called Anoushey a “fame seeker” for making public comments about his opinion and not contacting him directly about those remarks

He clearly referred to it as an attention-seeking stunt. He further said whatever the case may be, Anoushey could have just explained all of this over a “friendly” WhatsApp chat instead of lashing out at him in public. Isn’t this EXACTLY what he said about the time he publicly body shamed Hania and upon her public response he said she should have privately messaged him?

Source: @yasir.hussain131/Instagram


AND THEN… Anoushey responded to Yasir again saying that his original┬ákachra comment was public thus her opinion on it was shared publicly as well and that she was not in need of fame

Source: @anousheyashraf / Instagram

That’s all for now, we await their next move with breath that is bated. Also, we understand that Yasir may not have expressly mentioned the Turkish show when making the “bahar ka kachra” remarks but with the background picture it was pretty obvious what his implication was. So, for him to now act as if he’s completely innocent after the backlash is rather disingenuous.

Anoushey rightly pointed out that mutual respect between the artists worldwide should be adopted as an unsaid code and I mean, we all can still be Pakistanis who have different international tastes and requirements, right? While supporting local brands and industry should be our priority but our non-local choices can surely not make us less Pakistani, no?


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Cover image: @yasir.hussain131 via Instagram / @anousheyashraf via Instagram

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