Pakistanis Are Savagely Roasting Yasir Hussain After He Implied That Ertuğrul Actors Are ‘Kachra'

By Noor | 7 Sep, 2020

Yasir Hussain made comments about Ertuğrul actors yet again and he’s in trouble with fans

Actor Yasir Hussain appears to be more in the news for his audacious opinions and ‘offending’ the audience because of his stances on various issues than his actual work. The latest center of Yasir’s attention is the wildly popular Turkish show ‘DirilişErtuğrul‘. He has left no stone unturned in making his displeasure known about the national TV channel, PTV, importing a foreign show. Well, he’s back again with yet another bad take about the show.


Over the weekend Pakistanis began trolling Yasir Hussain by calling him ‘the real garbage’


This happened soon after Yasir Hussain had made comments about the show ‘Diriliş: Ertuğrul’ which has gained a huge fan base in Pakistan

So, basically the actor did not directly use the word kachra for the Turkish show BUT he did imply that kachra from outside the country was accepted by the audience. To give the context, his story had a snap of Pakistani Ertugrul in the background where the actor casually remarked,” inko koi puchay ga bhe nahe, kyun kay ghar ki murghi daal barabar aur bahir ka kachra bhe maal barabar.”


Naturally, the remarks Yasir Hussain made about the beloved Ertuğrul show drew a lot of criticism

So much so that he was the top trend at one point.

Via: Twitter


Based on his comments about implying that actors of the Turkish show DirilişErtuğrul were kachra, people were making jokes about Yasir Hussain being garbage

There were quite a lot of comparisons.


For some reasons, fans took Yasir’s comments a little too personally and dragged him quite a bit


People also asserted that Yasir Hussain was garbage for calling members of his own profession as such, thereby looking down upon his fellow professionals

They mentioned that the actor wasn’t that much of a grand artist who could assess or judge the work done by the international artists.


A few said that a lot of the statements made by the actor in the past have been extremely problematic and it is high time that he re-evaluate the need to share his opinion on everything

They said that since the acting projects featuring Yasir are not masterpieces, according to them, and he also isn’t that big of a celebrity, in their eyes, then his thirst for attention just reeks of desperation. Remember when he shamed Hania Amir?

Yasir defended himself by saying that he hasn’t actually called the Turkish show kachra and while his Instagram story hasn’t directly stated as such, the picture in the background with a direct reference to the importing of bahir ka kachra makes quite a strong implication, by any standards. Also, while there’s a need to promote the local industry and to provide sufficient opportunities to the local artists, it’s also important to ensure that the locals also respect the work of fellow artists, be it locals or foreigners.

What are your thoughts about the issue? Drop off your thoughts in the comments below.


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Cover image: @yasir.hussain131 via Instagram / Tekden Film

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