FAU-G, India's Version Of PUBG With Akshay Kumar, Is Being Brutally Trolled With Memes

By Sarah Shaukat | 5 Sep, 2020

FAU-G is India’s answer to PUBG after the latter’s ban, and with Akshay Kumar on board, the game was announced recently. The memes are pouring in.

The Indian government has banned around 118 Chinese apps including the uber-famous multi-player game PUBG. The reason stated was that these apps are endangering the security, sovereignty of the state, and public order.

According to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, this move will protect Indian mobile users in cyberspace. The decision disheartened many fans.

But, Indian gamers – fret not! A new player just dropped into the battlefield and it’s called – wait for it – FAU-G.

Talk about being original!

The game was launched by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar via a tweet. In his tweet, he shared that he is supporting the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Apparently, there is also a learning curve for the janta as they will get to learn about the sacrifices being made by Indian soldiers. Also, they are donating 20% of their revenue as well.

Regardless of the emotional hook with which they attempted to lure people in, social media is abuzz trolling FAU-G. This desi version, Fearless, and United-Guards, has initiated a meme fest and most of them are from Hera Pheri!

It all started with Akshay Kumar presenting a foolproof plan

Scheme tu bana li but it didn’t work. Some cracked the code!

Deja vu? Some pointed out how the poster for the game was also copied!

Apparently PUBG was endangering the sovereignty of the country. Thus enters FAU-G, a similar game but made in India. 

This is just the beginning, there are more to follow!

Will Kokilaben make the cut?

What’s your take on FAU-G? Let us know in the comments below!


Akshay Kumar Knows You Guys Have Turned Him Into A Viral Meme And He Approves


Cover image via @sarcasmiclol/Twitter

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