People Are Demanding PM Imran Khan To Be Fined For Violating His Own Mandatory Mask Rule

By Noor | 4 Jun, 2020

Prime Minister Imran Khan was seen being the only one not wearing a mask and people are not happy

Pakistan is currently witnessing a rapid escalation in coronavirus cases and is struggling to fight the deadly pandemic. In light of the current situation, the Government has found itself amidst criticism about its policies to control the effects of the virus.


In order to ensure that people were being responsible as the economy was being reopened, it was recently announced that masks would be mandatory in public places

the self proclaimed State Minister of Health of Pakistan Dr. Zafar Mirza had made an announcement on May 31 that masks would be made mandatory to be worn by everybody in “crowded public places, mosque, bazaars, shopping malls, public transport including road, rails and flights”.


Yesterday Prime Minister Imran Khan was seen visiting the GHQ headquarters and people noticed that he was the only one without a mask


People on social media were too quick to point out Prime Minister Imran Khan not wearing a face mask to DC Islamabad who had recently issued an order for public wearing of masks in Islamabad region

An instruction by DC included a strict warning and fine for the ones who were not willing to wear face masks.


Considering the fact that DC Islamabad has been actively sharing his efforts on social media regarding people following the mandatory rules, Pakistanis found it necessary to highlight the negligence by Prime Minister Imran Khan in not wearing a mask

DC has already been working hard to ensure that people are practicing the SOPs religiously. He has been issuing fines and warnings to the ones who not following the government directives regarding coronavirus.


People openly asked the DC Islamabad to fine Prime Minister Imran Khan 

They were curious to know why the PM found it too difficult to follow the SOPs issued for the well-being of all.


A lot of them kept on reminding the DC sahab about the fines


They argued that if common people are issued fines for not wearing a mask then the PM should also be treated the same way because no one is above the law, right?


People are wondering if Prime Minister Khan will be issued a fine if they were given fines for the same mistake too

A lot of them are sharing their own fine slips.

So, what do you think? Should the PM be fined and will the DC actually fine the Prime minister of Pakistan for not following the mandatory SOPs. Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: @PTIofficial/Twitter

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