Pakistanis Are Pissed Off At PC Hotel For Offering Coronavirus Discount Packages

By Rameeza Ahmad | 13 Apr, 2020

PC hotel is offering people luxurious coronavirus quarantine packages…

With the threat of Covid-19 people are hunkering down and sheltering in place. Governments all around the world are enforcing strict stay ah home orders and asking the public to practice social distancing. The government in Pakistan is employing similar measures to protect the public and contain the spread of the disease.

Traveling has been mostly banned including to other cities. And of course, this has greatly affected the tourism industry all around the world.


PC hotel has come up with a way to offer discount packages during coronavirus

The hotel is offering ‘Distancing In Comfort’, which is basically you staying in their hotel rooms for a luxurious experience of social distancing. They have the offer up on their website, and packages start from PKR 10,499 + tax per day!

But they have generously offered 3 complimentary meals a day, hand sanitizer and a mask each guest! What a bargain right?

People don’t seem very happy about it though and rightly so. Daily wage laborers and other lower income households are struggling to make ends meet. You can feed 3 families of 5 people each for a month in the amount of money a night at PC would cost! Imagine.


People were shocked that this was even an offer…


Others were upset because the hotel had allegedly let go of staff and had done cuts to run its facilities but was clearly trying to make more money off of guests


Some hoped hotels would be turned into isolation centers instead of these luxury “quarantine” vacations for the rich


Some people did point out that the hotel had specified those who were from outside of the city were not allowed

Well, maybe that’s one way for the hotel to try and ensure that their discounts don’t start a “tourism” craze during lockdown?


Others suggested that calling out the hotel was silly because we should let people choose how they want to spend their own money

Plus it would help hotel staff keep their jobs. But is it a good thing that the hotel staff has jobs but is put at risk by having to interact with guests who could potentially give them the virus?

While it is everyone’s personal choice on how they choose to spend their money, PC hotel trying to profit of such a situation does seem a little tasteless. Especially since the terms and conditions state that you can make a booking for a maximum of 3 days and then extend it day by day… are they really thinking of helping people isolate in comfort or just how to maximize profits from the situation?

What do you think of PC hotel’s quarantine deals? Let us know in the comments below.


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