Coronavirus Has Led To The Birth Of ‘Bridal Masks' And Honestly, Humara Koi Haal Nahi Hai

By Rameeza Ahmad | 21 Mar, 2020

Pakistanis are proving themselves to be the ultimate jugaaru’s with the idea of these bridal masks.

Covid-19, or ‘Coronavirus’, has thrown a wrench in a lot of plans; especially weddings. And since early Spring is prime shaadi season, people are understandably upset. The government has announced that wedding halls across the country be shut down and hence a lot of weddings have either been delayed to reduced to a much smaller size.

After the constant reminder of how people should socially distance from one another, wash their hands regularly and wear masks in public; Pakistanis came up with a seemingly fool-proof idea: bridal masks.

Yep, they look as ridiculous as they sound. Since Pakistanis would rather die (literally, that’s what weddings during this pandemic would lead to) than postpone weddings; a new trend is about to be birthed.

Bridal masks are basically face masks that are embroidered with the same material as the lehnga of the bride. But hey, on the bright side, it might help the bride save some money on her makeup!

But the bridal masks cost from anywhere between PKR 4,000 to 7,000. Which honestly seems ridiculous for such a small piece of embroidered cloth?!

And of course, Pakistani embroidery shop owners are very encouraging of this trend.

People are already thinking about how designers will jump on the bandwagon pretty soon with branded bridal masks.

Other’s are just plain angry at how Pakistanis will make sure we end up like Italy or worse by not heeding to social distancing instructions. Masks do not stop the transference of the virus unless they’re of a specific medical-grade quality and I am pretty sure these ‘bridal masks’ would not pass that test.

Just a few days ago, pictures of a bride and groom in green face masks went viral.

Clearly, Pakistanis do NOT understand the gravity of the issue. Again: FACE MASKS ALONE DO NOTHING IN TERMS OF STOPPING THE TRANSMISSION OF THE VIRUS. Especially not the face masks this couple was wearing.

Honestly, I cannot believe there are people who are going to pander to this demand and make a profit off of the current global pandemic threatening Pakistan.

What do you think of bridal masks? Let us know in the comments below.


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