Meera Jee Just Revealed She's Written A Story About Coronavirus Called “Qorotine Days” & People Are Not Having It

By Anoosha Rehan | 4 Jun, 2020

Meera Jee just shared her coronavirus experience while stuck in the US

Meera Jee, the “Queen of Pakistan,”has always made her way to the news by remaining questionable. Well, she has found her way back to the news with yet another interview that we are still trying to comprehend and make sense out of.


In a recent exclusive interview, Meera Jee talked about the life-changing incident that she experienced because of the coronavirus

She talked about how she went to America for dance performances that she was really looking forward to and had naik iraaday for. But then, “Pata hee nahin kya hua.. dekhtay hee dekhtay sab kuch badal gaya. Meray paas ilfaaz hee nahin hain.”

Source: SAMAA TV / YouTube


Meera Jee talked about a story she has written about coronavirus called “qorotine days”

In the interview, she said, “Bohat takleef dekhi. Har gali, har konay say aik janaza uthnay kee awaazein. Har tarf qabristan ka manzir. Menay apnay Khuda kou apnay qareeb paya. Bohat qareeb.”

Source: SAMAA TV / YouTube

She further talked about how she felt death was very near. Although she had tested negative for Covid-19, she said it was just in that moment that she felt how close death actually is to every person.


Further, Meera Jee talked about her undying love for Pakistan and how she bowed her head in sajda after having reached the land of Pakistan

Meera Jee expressed her wish to die in Pakistan, near her loved ones. She told the interviewer, “mujhay apnay watan say bohat pyaar hai.” Next, she talked about her desire to be buried in the graveyard close to her house, where she has saved herself a slot.

Source: SAMAA TV / YouTube

Meera jee apni jaan qurban kerna chahti hain, lekin shaheed nahin hona chahtein. She further talked about to how she wanted to sacrifice her life. Upon asking, “Kis peh?,” Meera Jee replied, “Achay kaamon kay liye aur jou deserving loug hain.” To this, the interviewer responded, “Yaani ap shaheed houna chahtin hain?” To which, she said, “Shaheed nahin.. mein achay kaamon kay liye peechay nahin rahun gee.”

Aesi jaan qurban bhee theek hai.


In between the interview, Meera Jee suddenly knelt to the ground and casually rubbed some mitti on herself

“Ye mitti hai.”

Source: SAMAA TV / YouTube

“Bas issi mitti mein jaana hai.”

Source: SAMAA TV / YouTube


She then shared that she wasn’t scared of death anymore and that she already felt that she had died and stood in front of God

“Darr nahin lagta mujhay jou Allah walay loug houtay hain, jin kou Khuda nazar aajata hai, jou Khuda kou paa letay hain.”

She continued, “Aesa laga kay meri rooh parwaz ker gyi hai aur mein apnay Khuda kay saamnay hoon.” The interviewer then asked if her life was changed. To this Meera jee responded, “Pata nahin. Lagta toh kuch aesa hee hai. Jee.”

Source: SAMAA TV / YouTube


Meera Jee also thinks she is running out of time and her days on Earth are a very few

She said she couldn’t explain in words how her life had changed and did not want to exaggerate, “Acha nahin lagta. Ab zindagi ka aik maqsad hai.”

She also shared how she was short on time for this world, “Thora waqt hai, kam waqt hai meray paas. Bohat kam waqt.” The interviewer asked why she thought that to which she very ‘subtly’ replied, “Jab Allah kou ap..Khuda kou..kam waqt.”

Hmm. Kam waqt.

Source: SAMAA TV / YouTube

The interview ended with Meera jee’s words, “Ghaflat mein dooba dil badal de. Khudaya karam farma dil badal de.”


Let’s just say people did not buy anything from this interview

Source: SAMAA TV / YouTube


They just think it is another stunt by Meera Jee

Source: SAMAA TV / YouTube


Source: SAMAA TV / YouTube


Source: SAMAA TV / YouTube


You can watch the full interview here.


Cover image via: SAMAA TV / YouTube

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