These Pakistani Celebrities Are Speaking Up To Demand Justice For 8-Year-Old Zohra Shah

By Noor | 3 Jun, 2020

These Pakistani celebrities are standing up for Zohra Shah

Incidents, where people with a bit of affluence misuse the power that comes with their ascribed statuses, have become quite common. It’s sad how the people in our society have become negligent of basic human rights and have made this place extremely unsafe for the people who come from unprivileged backgrounds.  A similar incident which revolves around the misconduct towards a housekeeper has been making rounds on the social media platforms.


Zohra Shah was an 8-year-old girl who was allegedly beaten to death by her employers because she had let some expensive caged parrots free

According to reports, the incident took place in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. It is being said that the girl was working for the house for a few months and was hired to take care of a baby of the owners. The girl freed some caged parrots of the owners which led to some serious physical abuse and the owners eventually ended up killing her. The body of the girl was left in a hospital, and upon investigation, the owners were arrested. An FIR has been registered and it is being said by the police that this was possibly not the first instance of physical abuse by the family as the girl ‘s body showed marks from previous injuries.

Source: @rao_fahim/Twitter


Some Pakistani celebrities have been quite vocal about demanding justice for Zohra Shah

Mahira Khan was one of the first celebrities who highlighted the issue and while commenting on it, she said, ” The demons walk freely among us.”


Osman Khalid Butt was shocked by the inhumane treatment by the owners


Armeena Khan talked about the issue by demanding justice for Zohra Shah


While highlighting similar incidents, Ushna Shah stated that by not questioning such acts and demanding justice our society is shaping the priorities of our nation

She went on to say, ” this makes us collectively suck.”


Muniba Mazari also posted an image on Instagram in attempt to raise her voice for Zohra Shah


Ali Gul Pir also stood up for the girl and mentioned that there’s a dire need to give basic human rights to all


In the light of this Zohra Shah incident, Shaniera Akram pointed out that it is illegal to hire workers younger than 14 years of age

There’s already an FIR in place and the culprits are arrested, a prompt response by our law enforcement agencies definitely needs to be appreciated. It should be ensured that exemplary steps are taken by the relevant authorities to ensure that no such incident is witnessed in the future.


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