Meera Jee Has Officially Declared Herself “Queen Of Pakistan” And Honestly That's The Best Thing To Happen All Week

By Arslan Athar | 15 Oct, 2018

( Meera is a Queen. This piece is meant to be lighthearted, and should be taken as such also) 

Officially, Pakistan is a Republic. We elect our heads of state and follow the constitution- you know the drill. However, while scrolling through Twitter one day I spotted a username ‘Queen Of Pakistan’, and well, maybe our entire lives have just been a lie.


Her full title is ‘Queen Of Pakistan Meera Jee’.

Source: QueenOfPakistanMeeraJee / Twitter

Judging by Her Majesty’s recent Twitter activity, this is what we know about her life and lifestyle.


The Queen likes to take fashion risks, and well, these are risks that do work for her

Queen Meera lives a jet-setter lifestyle and only flies luxuriously 

Source: QueenOfPakistanMeeraJee // Twitter

She loves to shop and is a frequent bazaar shopper

Source: QueenOfPakistanMeeraJee / Twitter

When she’s in her ‘Queen’ mode, she’s just as killer


The Queen is all about sharing her experiences and engaging in cultural exchanges

Here we can see her with actor Imran Abbas. 

Collaborating and working with the entertainment industry is a key priority for the Queen.

She also believes in cross-border teamwork and partnership 

Not to worry, the Queen is a cricket fan too and is well versed in what’s happening in the cricketing world

The Queen seems to be a coffee fan 

Chai-lovers, it is our request to you to forgive Her Majesty for this

But, you’ve got to admit, that our Queen is gorgeous and ever graceful 

Source: QueenOfPakistanMeeraJee / Twitter

Queen Meera is doing her bit in helping out the film industry

And while the Queen works hard, she knows how to party hard too 


What do you think of Pakistan’s Queen? Let us know in the comments.



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