‘Pawri Ho Rai Hai' Is Now A Religious Song And People Are Actually Pissed Because Yeh Kuch Ziada Hee Hogaya

By Sana Yasmeen | 19 Mar, 2021

Pawri religious song bhi aa gaya ab

While the hype of  ‘Pawri Ho Rai Hai’ meme has definitely eased up after it’s initial run of hilarious remakes and the internet flooding with jokes, people have still been recreating it on birthdays, mehndi functions and in the form of other ‘mediums’ of art.


With endless memes and recreations, people even joked about the Pawri girl being featured in this year’s Ramazan transmission

While the internet did not hold back on jokes and memes, some even suggested that we could soon be seeing the pawri girl hosting Ramazan shows this year.


Well, the jokes might have gotten too real because Pawri religious song is a reality and it’s A WHOLE KALAAM

Slightly twisting the classic pawri dialogue to ‘Yeh humaray friends hain, Yeh hum hain aur yeh humari “ibadat” ho rai hai’, all of the kalaam revolves around the dialogue and honestly, you have to see for yourself to believe it because we are STUNNED.


Obviously, people are more than a little pissed off with the Pawri religious song


Many found it extremely offensive that a religious kalaam be derived out of a meme

Source: @hitechislamic / Facebook


Some people even expressed disappointment towards the creators as well as those audience who were enjoying this Pawri religious song

People chipped in with their opinions and critique regarding the kalaam.

Source: @hitechislamic / Facebook


Others recalled similar yet cringe religious songs made in the past


Of course, some people also found inspiration from this


Of course people are generally divided about this new version of the pawri song, it definitely feels a little extreme. What are your thoughts about this? Sound off in the comments below.


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Cover image: @dananeerr via Instagram /Hi-Tech Islamic Naat via YouTube

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