Punjab Police Pakistan Just Tried To Join The Pawri But It Quickly Backfired

By Noor | 22 Feb, 2021

Punjab Police joining the pawri a little too late

The obsession of the South Asian people with the pawri video is getting way too intense. With everyone recreating the pawri videos, it looks like that the whole pawri craze is engulfing the entire region now. The Punjab police in Pakistan also decided to imitate the pawri trend but it hasn’t exactly panned out the way they probably wanted… or maybe it has. Let’s take a look.


Ever since Dananeer’s pawri ho rai hai dialogue has gone viral on social media, desis across the internet are going insanely crazy over it


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Indian Government institutions, in particular, have been getting a lot of attention for their reaction of the pawri

Like the State Bank of India


Uttar Pradesh Police, from the other side of the border, also jumped on the pawri bandwagon

This meme based upon the ongoing pawri in South Asia was shared by the Indian police of the UP region with a twist.


And it was widely appreciated by people


Seeing all of this, Punjab Police in Pakistan also joined in on the pawri meme, in an attempt to, and we can only guess here, imply that Police can pawri too

The text shared by the Punjab police was, ” yeh hum hain, yeh humari gaariyian hain aur yeh humara emergency number hai.”

ہم اور ہمارے سارے ریسورسز آپ ہی کے لیے ہیں ۔۔۔۔
#PunjabPolice #CallUs #AtYourService #15

Posted by Punjab Police Pakistan on Saturday, February 20, 2021


But the attempt at humor by the Punjab Police quickly backfired when instead of appreciating the joke Pakistanis started criticizing the actual performance of the Police

Source: PunjabPolicePakistanOfficial/Facebook
Source: PunjabPolicePakistanOfficial/Facebook


They mentioned that Punjab Police is not made for the pawri trend and instead they are well-suited for the trend regarding bribery

Source: PunjabPolicePakistanOfficial/Facebook


People brutally trolled the institution and even gave examples of their inefficiency

Source: PunjabPolicePakistanOfficial/Facebook


Some people also pointed out that, as usual, Punjab Police is late to the pawri

People explained that the way Punjab Police can’t make it to the incidents on time, this time also, the Punjab Police are late for the pawri trend.

Source: PunjabPolicePakistanOfficial/Facebook


So, what are your thoughts regarding the new pawri trend followed by the state institutions on both sides of the border? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image: @dananeerr via Instagram / Punjab Police Pakistan via Facebook

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