Nida Yasir Hosted Dananeer & ACCA Topper Zara Naeem On Her Morning Show & It Was Quite A Pawri

By Noor | 18 Feb, 2021

Nida Yasir, Dananeer and Zara Naeem were having quite a pawri on the morning show

Who doesn’t know about the overnight fame that the influencer Dananeer, popularly known as the pawri girl, has gotten. So, the girl reached the height of fame because of her iconic dialogue, “yeh humari car hai, aur yeh hum hain, aur yeh humari pawri horahi hai!.  With her rise to internet stardom & the meme about her crossing over to India, everyone has been recreating her now-infamous dialogue.


Once she shot to fame, it was natural that people started wondering when Nida Yasir, the reigning queen of morning shows in Pakistan, is going to invite the pawri girl on her show


Well, Nida Yasir not only invited the pawri girl, Dananeer, but also ACCA topper Zara Naeem, on her morning show today

The morning show host invited both the girls to her show and since then, the people have been focusing on how Nida Yasir never fails to ‘entertain’ the masses.


It was a very positive step from Nida Yasir to invite Dananeer and Zara Naeem together counter the negativity spread on social media by people who compared the two

Apart from the memes, there was an illogical comparison drawn between the pawri girl and the girl who topped the ACCA exams globally. The comparison between both the girls does not really make sense, both the achievements are entirely different and have no common ground.  Also, the pawri video is more like a joke while the other one is an achievement which is purely related to academics.


On the show, both the girls talked to Nida about their lives, aspirations and dreams

While being in conversation with Dananeer, Nida discussed the work done by several social media influencers. Dananeer was asked about her ideas regarding content creation and generally, the way she manages her presence on social media.

The conversation with Zara revolved around how she managed to score this high and her routine. She was questioned regarding her balance between her academic and social life.

Source: ARY Digital/YouTube

There were other guests on the show too, one of which was Hira Zeeshan, who dresses up as dulhan on every Friday as she got married in a hurry and wasn’t able to enjoy her wedding. The other lady was mehndi artist, Umm-e-Kalsoom, who applied mehndi to Asifa Bhutto Zardari at her wedding.  All the women invited to the show were appreciated for their hard work in their respective fields and generally for who they are as individuals.


Not only this – Nida Yasir, Dananeer and Zara Naeem even recreated the viral pawri video

The video shows Dananeer saying, ” yeh main hun, yeh Zara aur Nida hain aur yeh humari morning pawri ho rahi hai.”


You can check out the complete episode over here.

So, did you enjoy watching both the girls being interviewed on the same platform? Which was your favorite part of the interview? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Cover image via ARY Digital / YouTube

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