11 Things You Didn't Know About Dananeer, The Viral “Pawri Ho Rai Hai” Girl

By Umme Hani | 15 Feb, 2021

You may know Dananeer from her viral Pawri Ho Rai Hai meme but do you know who she is beyond that?

Bless the power of social media for it has made Dananeer Mobeen, a 19-year old teenage influencer, an overnight sensation with memes cascading down the Internet.

Dananeer shot to fame after a video of her saying, “Yeh hamari car hai, aur yeh hum hain, aur yeh hamari pawri horahi hai!,” went viral. Her video has stormed the internet, making way for countless memes and mashup videos.  Not only netizens, but celebrities also took to social media and recreated the video with literally anything and everything they could possibly come up with.

Amidst her rise to internet stardom she spoke to MangoBaaz about herself and life beyond the meme, here’s what she said:


1. Dananeer the pawri girl has a nickname, and it is Geena

It is literally mentioned in her bio lol.

dananeer pawri 1
Source: @dananeerr / Instagram


2. She has become used to people mispronouncing her real name

She shared, “this is something that I now have become immune to, but the correct pronunciation of my name is DA-NA-NEER“.

Source: @dananeerr / Instagram


3. She is a middle child

She has an elder sister, who you may have seen in her stories and a younger brother.

Source: @dananeerr / Instagram


4. She is OBSESSED with KFC

She says watching reality shows and snacking on super, super unhealthy stuff like noodles, chips and KFC are her guilty pleasures.

Source: @dananeerr / Instagram


5. She is EXTREMELY irritated by people who chew loudly

While listing her pet peeves all she had to say was, “YES, oh my God! People who chew loudly…Oh my God! I can’t even….”

dananeer pawri 5
Source: @dananeerr / Instagram


6. Dananeer is not just a pawri girl, she is also a talented painter

She says she can paint any time she’s feeling anxious. So, whenever she’s feeling cluttered, she sits down, takes her easel, take out her canvas, paints and starts painting, and she forgets about everything else. Here’s a self portrait she made:

dananeer pawri 6
Source: @dananeerr / Instagram


7. She can sing 


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A post shared by Dananeer | 🇵🇰 (@dananeerr)

8. Dananeer also loves to pawri with her food, she loves weird food combinations like grapes with biryani

She told MangoBaaz, “it is hard to name one thing because I eat so many weird food combinations. I have ketchup with cakes, I eat grapes with biryani – all of this and much more”.

dananeer pawri 8
Source: @dananeerr / Instagram


9. Her favorite actress is Saba Qamar and Imran Ashraf is her favorite actor

Dananeer said, “my favorite actor is Imran Ashraf and actress Saba Qamar. Both of them have noticed my meme and Saba Qamar has recreated it as well. I think my dream has come true! And oh, the PCB team! Oh my God! The Pakistani Cricket team made a video and joined in on the trend, and that made my day!”

Source: @sabaqamarzaman via Instagram / @imranashrafawan via Instagram


10. She can speak FOUR languages

She says she can speak Urdu, English, Pushto, a little bit of Hindko, and she said she’s a beginner in German.

Source: @dananeerr / Instagram


11. And finally, Dananeer our Pawri girl actually aspires to join the Civil Services of Pakistan and serve her country

Explaining her future plans she said, “I did have a quite significant following before the video went viral, and so, it hasn’t really changed my future plans. I’ve always been the same – I’m career-oriented and am also focusing on my academics. I’ll be applying to a university soon and will later apply for CSS.”

dananeer pawri 11
Source: @dananeerr / Instagram

She also shared that while she has gotten immense love, her life really hasn’t had an overnight change… yet.

Sharing her experience about her viral fame Dananeer said, “In all honesty, it hasn’t brought any significant change in my life. But of course, I have received so much positive feedback, love, and recognition. I’m also getting so much love on my Instagram blog.”

While recounting how she started, Dananeer said, “I used to get a lot of compliments on my dressing and sense of style. In addition, I used to contribute to a lot of conversations in my high school and it was around that time when my friends encouraged me to start my own blog. Around a year and a half ago, I mustered the courage and turned my account public, and that’s when the journey began”.

Here’s to memes bringing the world together and here’s to Dananeer who showed us all how to really pawri.



Cover image via: @dananeerr / Instagram

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