Pakistanis Can't Stop Loving Mathira In Her Latest Interview For Her Hilariously Naughty Sense Of Humor

By Noor | 18 Mar, 2021

This Mathira interview exposes her EPIC roasting skills

She’s the OG of the modern sex symbols in the Pakistani entertainment space. She’s a talk show host, she’s a VJ, she’s a BIGO Live star aur, aur aur she’s the reason for many a young people’s sexual awakenings in Pakistan. Mathira has always been someone who decided to live her public life to the fullest. Never one to shy away from revealing it all, Mathira once again endeared herself to the Pakistani fans with her latest interview.


Her work has been heavily criticized and it has been accused of being ‘vulgar’. The actress who was initially slut-shamed for her work is now being seen from a different angle because of her recent interview which highlighted the witty and honest side of the celebrity.


In her latest interview, the OG sex symbol aka Mathira, is being praised by fans everywhere for her quick wit and her badass style

In an interview with comedian Tabish Hashmi, on Nashpati Prime, Mathira discussed her early life, her struggles, her take on feminism and being a young single mother in Pakistan and so much more. She did not shy away from revealing her sexy side, yet again, proving why she is the OG.

Upon answering a question regarding being labeled as a sex symbol and being indulged in ganday kaam, Mathira openly expressed her stance by saying, “sex ganda tau nahi Cele hai.” She continued to say that it’s a natural phenomenon and it should be treated like one.


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Mathira also addressed her controversial image in Pakistani entertainment industry, addressing the judgment that she receives

She explained the fact that the real legacy you leave behind is in the form of things you do for your loved ones and the rest of the awaam will find whatever they want to judge you on, regardless of how good you are.

Mathira also talked about the initial days of her career and stated that she does not consider competition as an option because she believes that this leads to useless thoughts which impede the progress of an individual.

Source: Nashpati Prime/YouTube


Mathira, in the interview, highlighted the double standards of society and the easy labeling of women as “sluts” which doesn’t happen to men

However, while addressing a question on her opinion on feminism, she basically said that a man and a woman are unique and different thus they can’t really be compared. She said that none of the genders should try to imitate the other  and instead should appreciate the fact that how they are blessed with different traits.

Source: Nashpati Prime/YouTube


People, however, just fell in love with the wittiness that Mathira had put on full display during the interview as she cracked multiple jokes and hilariously responded to almost all the questions

The audience loved the genuine responses by Mathira and said that she ended up winning more fans for her.


People thoroughly enjoyed the way Mathira roasted the host who himself is known for his quick-wit


The Mathira interview is being so widely appreciated that it’s now trending number one on YouTube in Pakistan. If you’re one of those who live under a rock and still haven’t seen it, you can watch the complete hilariously entertaining interview of Mathira here.

Once you’ve seen the interview let us know your thoughts about how cool Mathira is, in the comments below.


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Cover image via Nashpati Prime/YouTube

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