13 Times Mathira Was Seriously Too Hot For This Duniya 🔥 🔥 🔥

By Iman Zia | 13 Aug, 2018

Oh, Mathira. Mathira, Mathira, Mathira. The girl really knows how to keep us all entertained, and I honestly LOVE HER. There’s something so alluring, so vibrant and so inspiring about her, I often find myself endlessly stalking her Insta feed in complete awe, longing to be as bold as she is. The television personality is legit so innovative – like you have NO idea what form her next post will hone itself into…she’s THAT spontaneous. If it’s not lip syncing phenomenally well to Nicki Minaj, she’s frolicking around in London’s most celebrated pockets or showing off her phenomenal curves.


It was hard to narrow down 15 times Mathira was seriously wayyy too hot for this duniya, but here they are – allow us in pronouncing the awakening of an Instagram Q U E E N…


1. Her rendition of ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’

Agg kahi lagi ? Coming Soon 🔥🔥 #mathira #back #bangkok

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2. Mama working her curves and showing us how an elevator selfie is DONE


3. Slaying the #kikichallenge on the streets of London with the dopest ride ever and the slickest dance moves too


4. Peering out over the lush gardens of The Dorchester in a bath gown, gorgeoussss red lipstick and OWNING HER LIFE


5. An epic version of Nicki Minaj, like GIRL this was so freaking on point


6. Christmas in London, wearing THAT winning off-shoulder number that deffo melted all snow


7. Being the best mama ever, (and boy does beauty run in her blood)!


8. Killing it at the LSAs in a gown ready for HOLLYWOOD HONEY


9. Her zero bullshit policy


10. Flaunting her curves like there’s no tomorrow, and telling us all to embrace our voluptuous ways


11. Lace on a beach? She did it


12. Another day, another curve-flaunting session


13. Calling herself a THICK WOMAN and being proud of it, all the while doing a sultry rendition of ‘Afreen Afreen’

We bow down.


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