‘Parchi' Imam Ul Haq Just Apologized To Shane Watson But People Are Still Not Forgiving Him

By Sarmad Amer | 18 Mar, 2019

Imam ul Haq is being called out all day today after his altercation with the Australian cricketer Shane Watson. After his runout, Shane got into a heated exchange with Imam and EVERYONE noticed.


People had been aggressively angry with Imam ul Haq for getting into a tussle with the “guest”


According to many, Imam should have displayed hospitality being from the home country and been more gracious toward Shane even if the Australian player had been the one to start it.


The anger toward Imam turned into full blown trolling with people having started calling him a “parchi

Parchi is a slang for someone who has benefited from nepotism and people have been calling Imam so because he is the nephew of former cricket captain and legendary player Inzamam ul Haq.


After so much trolling, calls for apologizing and trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons Imam finally broke his silence

He tweeted about his side of the story and apologized for what he referred to as a “heat of the moment reaction to Watson’s inappropriate abusive comments”.


However, fans are still not exactly being forgiving toward the Zalmi player


This guy however, pointed out that Shane Watson seemed to have started the tussle between the two players and Imam’s reaction wasn’t as bad as everyone’s criticism made it seem


People are even apologizing to Shane Watson on behalf of Imam


Now that Imam ul Haq has apologized, maybe everyone can lay off of trolling him? Indeed guests are to be respected but the two cricketers were in the midst of an intense final match and in such moments heated words can be exchanged. It’s a game, so let’s just let it go, shall we?

That’s all.


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Cover image via: @kindawan / Twitter

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