People Have Intense Reactions To Careem's Controversial New Ad Asking Brides To Run Away On Their Bike

By Rameeza Ahmad | 18 Mar, 2019

Careem’s ad campaigns always get a lot of reactions if nothing else. 

Careem’s campaigns are always very interesting. From getting Rishta aunties on board to making celebrities captains for a day; they have done quite a lot and always managed to surprise their audience.


With their latest ad campaign Careeem have certainly captured a lot of peoples’ attention… but not in a good way


It’s getting so much attention it’s the number one trending topic on Pakistani Twitter right now

Via: Twitter


What seems to have pissed all of people is one of the images, with the bride, and how that ad is apparently “going against” Pakistani culture.

The message along with the image says ‘Apni shaadi se bhaagna ho tou Careem Bike karo!’, is basically talking about the runaway bride. From my understanding, at least, it goes with Careem’s usual cheeky humor but a lot of people don’t seem to be too appreciative right now.

Even Veena Malik was upset… ok sis…


And this was just one of the many ads in the campaign Careem has launched to promote their ‘Careem Bike’

Source: Careem


Source: Careem


Source: Careem


Tbh, I do think the ad with Abhinandan is in bad taste but I honestly don’t find problems with the rest of the advertisements.


The one everyone is upset over, depicting the ‘runaway bride’ just shows a bride that; a bride choosing to run away… how is that an issue? I would have a bigger issue with a woman being forced to marry someone she doesn’t want to. How is a woman running away from a marriage she doesn’t want to enter something which is against our culture… oh wait. We thrive on oppressing our women and taking away their right to make any decision which has a direct effect on their lives. Gotcha. Yep, in that way, the ad is definitely against our culture.


We spoke to Careem about their intentions with this ad and here’s what we were told

“At Careem we believe in doing things the fun-way so we did that through highlighting some fun use cases of booking a bike. The idea was to grab attention and show how Careem Bike can be used in any situation, any kind of emergency”, so there you have it, the company was using humor. In no way were they encouraging women to run away from their weddings.


Thankfully, some people saw the humor in the advertisement too

What do you think about Careem’s ad? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: @iveenakhan/ Twitter

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