Careem And Uber Drivers Are Protesting Because Horny Customers Can't Control Their Sexual Urges

By Arslan Athar | 1 Nov, 2017

Young people always find creative ways to get what they want, especially when it involves plans that people (read: elders) don’t want them doing. That’s exactly what seems to happening in the back seats of taxi services in Pakistan.


Yesterday Uber and Careem drivers held a protest to have their voices heard

The captains forwarded some demands to their employers, these basically are meant to improve their working environment.

Source: @ShirazHassan / Twitter


Some of their demands were:

1. To be given a fair chance to explain things when customers lodge complaints against them

2. That the maximum number of passengers be set at 4, and that this rule be enforced

3. The ‘waiting charges’ should automatically kick in after 5 minutes of waiting.

Via @ShirazHassan / Twitter


While there were many more demands (all valid), there was THIS one demand that caught some people’s eye. 

Basically, the Captains are asking their employers to warn their customers to not ‘PDA’ in the backseat of the car during a ride. They’re asking for the right to either separate the couple, either by getting the guy to the front seat or even refusing to continue the ride.


People had some funny reactions to this:

Some ‘owned up’ to their actions 

Via Twitter

This person broke it down further 

Via Twitter

Some gave PDA a political twist 

Via Twitter

I don’t think anyone one of us wants to even know 

Via Twitter

Jokes aside, this particular concern is pretty valid. Imagine yourself in THAT awkward AF situation. What do you think of all this? Let us know in the comments section


Cover image via: @ShirazHassan / Twitter

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