Pakistanis Can't Stop Trolling ‘Parchi' Imam Ul Haq After His Behavior At The PSL Final

By Biya Haq | 18 Mar, 2019

Yikes, not a good look for the nephew of a legend.

For the first time ever, the Quetta Gladiators won the title of PSL champion last night against the favourite to win, Peshawar Zalmi.

Source: France 24

It was a wild night in Karachi as people took to the newly renovated National stadium and cheered on both teams for their efforts. Of course, Quetta fans left the happiest as they took the win back home with them last night.

And though it was a great night for cricket, it wasn’t the best night for cricketers.

Imam ul Haq, the 23-year-old player and nephew of cricket legend Inzamam ul Haq is being referred to as ‘Parchi’ after getting into a spat on-field with Australian cricketer, Shane Watson.

Allegedly, as Watson was walking off the pitch after being run out, Imam took the moment to disrespect the foreign player with unfavourable words in front of the entire stadium and the millions of fans watching on TV.

Since then, the young cricket star has been getting nothing but hate on social media for his actions.

People are now referring to him as a ‘Parchi,’ calling him out for his immature behaviour on the pitch.

Shane so far has been a favourite in the league so far and with his presence on social media, it’s not hard to see why.

People have also been apologizing to Shane on behalf of Imam’s behaviour and reaching out to him, thanking him for his involvement in the tournament.

Nowadays, following tensions with India and now more recently the terrorist attack in New Zealand, Pakistan has been put under a microscopic lens. We as a nation nowadays and always need to be putting our best foot forward. We honour our foreign guests from every background with all the respect we have. That is how Pakistan does it.

Imam ul Haq’s behaviour last night on the other hand, not the smartest and definitely not the most Pakistani thing he could have done.

Have you seen the backlash on social media around Imam? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Love you.

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