Prime Minister Imran Khan Just Allowed Pakistan’s ‘Last' Jew To Visit Israel On His Pakistani Passport

By Rameeza Ahmad | 24 Jan, 2019

Pakistan’s last Jew is getting to visit Israel thanks to PM Khan.


Fishel Benkhald, born Faisal Khalid has been dubbed as Pakistan’s last surviving Jew. While he was previously registered as Muslim, he got special permission from the interior ministry to register himself as Jewish after he allegedly converted to his mother’s faith who he says was a Jewish woman.

He has been very vocal on social media about his faith and calls himself a ‘guerrilativist’ as he says he puts himself in situations which are forms of protest.


For quite a while, Fishel has been asking that the Government of Pakistan lets him go to Israel so he can connect with the Holy Land and go for a pilgrimage.


To do so, he would indeed need special permission because Pakistani passport holders are not allowed to travel to Israel by the federal government. This is because Pakistan does not recognize Israel as a state.


Pakistan and Israel do not have each other’s embassies in their own countries, but both allegedly communicate with one another through their embassies in Turkey

Also remember that recent incident where rumors swirled that Israel’s Prime Minister secretly visited Pakistan after someone identified a suspicious flight over Pakistani airspace?

So anyway, basically while the ties between the two countries are strained, they do exist in some form. But after months of seeking it, Fishel has finally been granted permission by the Government to visit Israel on a Pakistani passport. In fact, Prime Minister Imran Khan allegedly made the call to the Foreign Ministry himself.


Fishel, who calls himself the ‘Last Jew’ of Pakistan has stirred trouble over claims he has made in the past

According to Fishel, his mother was a practicing Jew in secret while his father was a liberal Muslim. His mother would practice Judaism in the privacy of their home, and Fishel always felt a strong pull to the Jewish faith.

While this is the story Fishel tells, according to news reports a man named Iqbal contacted them claiming to be Fishel’s brother.


The man who claims to be Fishel’s brother said that their mother was a Muslim from birth to death and even performed Hajj. He said he has no idea why Fishel is claiming these things since they are hurtful to him and his family. He even provided the publication with copies of their mother’s birth certificate which list her as a follower of Islam.


But whether his mother was a Jew or not, the fact is that Fishel identifies as Jewish should be enough to substantiate how much of a Jew he is. As for why he might be lying about his backstory, we can’t really say anything. The Prime Minister allowing the man to travel to Israel and the government of Israel facilitating the visit is heartening to see, nevertheless.

What do you think of the government’s decision to let Fischel travel to Israel? Let us know in the comments below.


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