Sorry Everyone, The Punjab Government Just Decided To Keep Basant Banned In Lahore

By Biya Haq | 24 Jan, 2019

Put those kites away, people.

After careful deliberation in the Lahore High Court, The Punjab Government announced that Basant will not be celebrated in the province this year.

If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of hearts breaking all over this kite-less town.

The decision was challenged in the High Court after a plea was pledged against the potential loss of ‘innocent lives’ as well as loss ‘of billions to public property’ that would occur due to Basant. The decision did lead to talk of implementing laws that would allow Punjab to celebrate Basant in a safe and peaceful manner however that too would mean months and months of planning, meaning no hope for flying this year.

Just last month, the Punjab Information and Culture Minister, Mr Fayazalhasan Chohan announced that they were contemplating celebrating the festival this year.

And naturally, following the news, Pakistanis couldn’t help but celebrate the return of a very-loved holiday.

As well as prominent personalities in the government, like the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Fawad Chaudhry.

And now, after barely a month of revelling, the decision has been officially made that the Festival of kites will no longer take place in Punjab.

Surprisingly, many seem to be okay with the updated decision.

Initially, the ban itself came due to a number of deaths that came with all the festivities of Basant. Most of the Dori sold in the market and used by most kite flyers, is made up of a cocktail of chemicals and glass, extremely dangerous to innocent bystanders who can get caught in the cross-wires of flying. Apart from that, the actual taar itself is so thin, it is barely visible to the human eye, making it an even larger threat.

When something this toxic is out in the open in such heavy amounts, of course, the results can be catastrophic. On one hand, given the deaths and injuries of so many through a festival meant to bring joy and happiness to people? The risk is just not worth it.

However, on the other hand, virtually every festival, concert or national event in any country has the potential to cause imminent danger if proper precautions are not put into play by the government.

Instead of completely cancelling out something that has brought joy to millions of Pakistanis across the country, isn’t it up to the government and individuals involved to create a way in which the safety of flyers and innocent bystanders can be secured? This is one day that should be completely prioritized by the Government. Though it may seem like a small thing to give importance to, it is a big day of happiness for those who celebrate it and careful attention must be paid.

Have you heard the news? Let us know what you think about the decision in the comments below! Love you.

Punjab Government Just Announced Basant Is Going To Be Celebrated Again & Everyone’s Ready To Shout “Bo Kaataaaaa”

People Across Pakistan Are Celebrating Basant And It’ll Make You Wish Punjab Officially Unbanned It

Cover photo source: Newsweek Pakistan

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