This Absolutely WTF Video Claims That Aasia Bibi Case Is A Yahoodi Saazish By Imran Khan & It's All Over YouTube

By Noor | 15 Nov, 2018

While watching an interesting vlog, Something strange popped up as an ‘advertisement’ on my screen. NO, it was not related to some random soap or a shampoo. It was something really unusual and rather disconcerting. In a state of shock I shared it with my coworkers and discovered that I was not alone, many of them had already seen it on different social media platforms.


The video basically claimed to unlock the truth behind the Aasia Bibi case

It’s titled “The Hidden Truth of Aasia that No One will tell you” and yeah it’s just as WTF as it sounds.

Source: Dr FAB MD/Youtube


Stating that Aasia was planted by ….get ready for it…. the Zionists

Source: Dr FAB MD/Youtube


It also said that the entire Aasia Bibi case was an effort to tarnish the image of Pakistan

Source: Dr FAB MD/Youtube


The video attacked the judiciary by accusing it of violating the blasphemy law

Source: Dr FAB MD/Youtube’


It also stated that the Aasia saga was a deliberate effort to initiate a bloody civil crisis in Pakistan, like Syria.

Source: Dr FAB MD/Youtube


President Imran Khan was blamed for the yahoodi saazish

Source: Dr FAB MD/Youtube


People were surprised by the accusations and the claims made by the video and criticized it by calling it ‘dumb’

Source: Dr FAB MD/Youtube


They also reported the video on Facebook and it was banned due to the inclusion of hate speech in it

Via: Reddit


Some even wanted to report this to the government

Via: Reddit


Via; Reddit


AND, best (or worst) of all, there were people who ‘actually’ supported this

Source: Dr FAB MD/Youtube


Source: Dr FAB MD/Youtube


In case, you want to see the video yourself then here’s the link

The video has made some serious claims and assertions which in reality promote hate speech and are capable of degrading the image of Pakistanis all over the globe. Whatever that has been claimed in the video should be subjected to proper investigation and concrete steps should be taken accordingly. What’s your stance and what do you think about the video, please let us know in the comments.


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