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Jemima Called Imran Khan A “Yahoodi Saazish” And Twitter Loves It

Jemima Called Imran Khan A “Yahoodi Saazish” And Twitter Loves It

Everybody in Pakistan loves Jemima. Yes, even if you’re not necessarily a fan of Imran Khan or his politics, you can’t but be in eternal gratitude to him for bringing Ms. Jemima Goldsmith to Pakistan and introducing her to the awaam.


Pakistanis still continue to marvel at the loving and respectful relationship Jemima shares with her ex-husband



Even their everyday WhatsApp conversations make news for people of Pakistan

Source: @khanjemima Via: Instagram


So it’s no surprise that anything she does is received lovingly by millions


And Ms. Goldsmith makes sure she does her best to keep in touch with Pakistanis and the country’s politics

Well, on her ex-husband’s birthday, she made a remark that everyone on Twitter is enjoying

Jemima’s younger brother, Ben Goldsmith, wished Imran Khan on his birthday, remarking that he wishes for Khan to become the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. To that Ms. Goldsmith responded with the oft-repeated “yahoodi saazish” remark.

Yes, she meant that a wish to see Imran Khan as the Prime Minister of Pakistan is a yahoodi saazish, according to Mr. Khan’s critics.


Well, phir wohi hua ke Insafians couldn’t help but laugh at the joke


Many were quick to endorse her “understanding” of Pakistan’s politics


There were some who didn’t really get the joke


But basically this dude summed up how fans feel about Jemima


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