13 Years After Jemima Divorced Imran Pakistanis Can't Stop Thanking Her For Still Being In His Life

By Arslan Athar | 1 Jun, 2017

Remember those days, when we had our very own power couple. Jemima and Imran Khan were the IT couple of the those times, and we still miss them as a couple.

Source: Daily Mail

Since their divorce, Jemima has been one of Imran’s greatest cheerleaders and supporters.

Source: Fakiha Hassan Rizvi

And they both still have a good relationship, and seeing their WhatsApp conversations makes our collective hearts to flutter flutter

Unfun. #BoredonaSaturdaynight #FaceApp

A post shared by Jemima Khan (@khanjemima) on

Keeping in line with her support and friendship for our Imran, she pulled an impressive stunt this morning. 

Jemima yaar, tussi great ho! 

She keeps supporting the Khan, and it’s so beautiful to look at.

Since the tweet dropped, Pakistani twitter has been thanking her with the hashtag #ThankYouJemima (wah so creative)

This man said what was on all our minds 

Even Bhai Sahab is thanking her

She forever has IK’s back

People are falling in love with her all over again

Not like they ever fell out of love with her

Some people made her the Queen!

Bye Bye Elizabeth. There’s a new Queen in town

We can clearly see who the favorite ex-wife is.

So, now we owe her too…

Some people were moved to tears

People just want them to get back together

Jemima has officially left Pakistani twitter speechless

Humaray dilon mein abhi tak ho tum, Jemima

Okay IK and Jemima, dekho log kya keh rahay hai

Jemima Khan- The national ‘Bhabhi

#ThankYouJemima, Pakistan clearly still loves you!


Cover image via: dailymail.co.uk

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