Shahid Afridi Just Said Kashmir Should Be Made An Independent Country & It Has Triggered Pakistanis And Indians

By Sarmad Amer | 14 Nov, 2018

Shahid Afridi, ye tu ne kiya kia


Looks like Lala has landed himself in hot waters because of his recent remarks on Kashmir

People on both sides of the Wagah are pissed off at his recent remarks but Pakistanis are particularly angered. On the other hand, Indian media has been celebrating over Afridi’s remarks as his endorsement of India’s ownership of Kashmir.

Shahid Afridi made these remarks while addressing a gathering at the House of Commons in London. He had been invited to address a Parliament session and the UK student body.


People of Pakistan are triggered by these remarks


Kashmiris are naturally happy about Shahid Afridi endorsing their demand for independence from the influence of both, Pakistan or India


And there are even Pakistanis who acknowledge that Shahid’s statements transcended nationalistic rhetoric and came through based on his humanity


After a lot of criticism, Afridi himself took to social media to clarify his words


He also suggested that the clip circulating on the internet was incomplete, thus making his words appear to be against what the general sentiment is about Kashmir in Pakistan


Here’s the alleged full clip of the incident


The Kashmir dispute has such a strained history and has already led to a lot of violence and bloodshed between Pakistan and India. For a statement to be made by Shahid Afridi, however honest it was, was definitely not a wise choice. The onus here lies more on the organizers of the event who led the conversation to that point where someone without complete understanding of the tense politics of the situation was put on the spot to make a comment on the matter. Shahid bhai, good on you at least not taking back your words.

What do you folks think about Shahid Afridi’s comments on the Kashmir dispute and his proposed resolution?


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