Pakistanis Found Out That A Jinn Accompanies Us Since Birth And Their Responses Are Hilarious

By Zainab Ali | 6 Apr, 2019

Even thinking about Jinn’s, and how they may be present or sitting among us, is a very scary thought. So, imagine finding out that there has been a Jinn accompanying you since you were born. Yes, you heard that right. Qareens are a type of shaytaan, and are basically there with you constantly to lead you astray. I felt eerie ever since I found out about this, until I came across a thread on Twitter talking about this that was actually funny AF. Leave it up to Pakistanis to make every situation lighter and funnier.

It all started with this tweet expressing surprise over the fact that a Jinn accompanies us bachpan se.

Source: Twitter

Some people feel like they’ll finally stop being lonely.

Most of them actually felt bad for their Qareens.

Others think their Qareens are scarred.

Some people shared more theories.

Great. Just great.

There were Tinder jokes as well.

This one even linked this concept to the new film, US

Wait a minute… That actually adds up…

The memes are absolutely priceless

Twitter gold, really.


Wait, I get random stains on my clothes all the time too?

Some people even have names for their Qareens.

Hello new best friend

It’s time for Qareens to get friend zoned too.

Thank you, Twitter for kinda calming my nerves down. I’m still scared shitless, but at least I can try to laugh about it now. What do you think about this long term companion? Let us know!


I Just Found Out About Jinns Called Qareens And I Guess I’m Sleeping With Ammi Abbu Tonight

Cover image via YouTube

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