15 Pakistanis With the Craziest Wishes

15 Pakistanis With the Craziest Wishes

15 Pakistanis With the Craziest Wishes

Everyone wishes and dreams about their perfect ideals in life. While some of you may wish for things like bigger homes, cars and more money, there are those who wish for their favorite actresses to go on a date with them or to see certain parts of the world.

Sometimes, though, people have some really crazy wishes. Here are some of the craziest(for those who still don’t get it these are crazy “lame”) wishes Pakistanis have:


1. This chocoholic


2. This realistic person


3. This wannabe Dr. X from X-Men


4. This one who uses ‘The Bank of Dad’


5. This eternal Romeo


6. This social media addict


7. This one who wants to be “Engineering” instead of an Engineer


8. This bird


9. This one who is clearly not the brightest student


10. Or this one who has watched Shahrukh Khan’s Mohabbatein one too many times


11. This material(istic) girl


12. This one whose bachpan was apparently taken by a pir


13. This guy who wishes for more than his aukaat

14. This guy who wishes to do more than aakhiyon se goli maarna


15. This girl who wishes for a lollipop


Cover Image via: Express Tribune

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