Pakistanis Are OBSESSED With Money Heist Season 4 And I Totally Get Why

By Anoosha Rehan | 4 Apr, 2020

Season 4 of ‘Money Heist’ has been the top pick for Pakistanis lately. Season 3 was left in the middle of a heist and naturally, fans were DESPERATELY waiting for season 4. Season 4 of Money Heist came out yesterday and fans are not disappointed after the exhilarating episodes. If you haven’t watched it yet, brace yourselves.

Also, continue at your own risk – MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

So here are all the accurate, crazy causes behind people binge-watching Season 4. For starters, here’s something for you to crack.

And, another one.


Also, I’m pretty sure Pakistanis were thrilled to see Pakistan being mentioned TWICE by every Pakistani girl’s husband, Professor.

I mean…

With Arturo remaining his annoying self, there are two more characters to annoy the hell out you. Gandia and Sierra, ladies and gents.

Berlin fans, listen up. He is alive…through flashbacks.

Season 4 has people glued to Netflix. There’s just so much going on that you can’t help but keep watching. Professor agrees to be the father of Nairobi’s child, Raquel is ready to betray the Professor, Tokyo is in charge of the heist, Palermo sets the most hostile hostage free.

At every point during this season, you’ll find yourself asking:

It’s hard to say what a roller coaster of a ride this season was but this will do…

Just to be clear, the heist started in season 3 doesn’t end in season 4, and we have to wait for another season to find out what happens.


Saving this one for the last. What is happening here. Oof.

This is all of us after watching all those 8 episodes in a go

It’s not just those 50 minutes in each episode that will have you screaming. It’s the ending, too. It’ll have you on your knees. Worth every minute. There’s just so much happening there – it is difficult to contain, and all the more difficult to express all the emotions you feel through the episodes.

And oh, how do you guys like Paris? If you know, you know.


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