Pakistani Social Media Is Going Nuts About The Deputy Speaker Banning The Word “Selected” Against Imran Khan

By Sarmad Amer | 28 Jun, 2019

Using the word selected for Imran Khan has been banned and people are making jokes.

Ever Since Prime Minister Imran Khan took office he and his party have been facing a lot of criticism. Indeed this criticism is not unique to his party only but there’s a spotlight on this government because they have presented themselves as the only alternative and “hope” for the people of Pakistan from the usual, corrupt politicians.


A few days ago, the Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri banned the use of the word “selected” for Prime Minister Imran Khan

It was reported that on June 23, 2019 the Deputy Speaker made his pronouncement during a session of the National Assembly.

Source: Irfan Ahson


Ever since, critics of the Government have been trolling the banning


Now, Pakistanis on social media have started jokes to replace words and movie names with ‘selected’ to troll the announcement

There are several trends on Twitter that have been at the top since last night.

Via: Twitter


Some of the jokes Pakistanis are making are genuinely hilarious


Many popular movies have been changed to include the word ‘selected’ as a taunt at the Government


However, some people also went a little too far with their criticism and took their trolling a little too far

Interestingly, all of them are ‘patwaris‘.


They even started sharing fake screenshots of a Google search about using the words ‘selected party in Pakistan’ which, as we have verified, does not give the answer PTI


And then digs started happening from PTI supporters as well

What do you think about the ban of the word ‘selected’? Should such policing be done by the Government or is it taking things too far? Sound off in the comments below.


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