15 Of The Most ‘Sensational' Things Pakistani Girls Talk About With Each Other

By Astarte | 19 Feb, 2020

Pakistani girls, like our counterparts everywhere, love to talk, isn’t that how the myth goes? Well, that may or may not be true but what is definitely the truth is that you have always wondered what girls talk about amongst themselves, right? Was that smile she gave you supposed to mean something? Or the biggest question on everyone’s mind WHY IS THAT GROUP OF GIRLS LOOKING IN YOUR DIRECTION AND LAUGHING?

We know you spend countless hours guessing, second guessing or even bragging to your boyziz about that look, but you don’t have to anymore. Here’s a little peep into the world of girls’ gossip:


1. B**ching about someone’s fashion sense is the favorite time pass of Pakistani girls

Yes, the moment we lay our eyes on a ‘stylish’ diva who thinks parrot green bell-bottoms and orange kurta is the look of the season, we start discussing the infinite ways we can adopt to help the poor soul and give her a makeover like Cinderella was given by her fairy godmother.

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2. That one guy

First of all…

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Now, while we relish discussing hunks, nothing beats bitching about the same gender. Therefore, discussing the attractive boys who are way out of our leagues is second on the list. Whether it is our neighbor, a hot professor or someone we had a glimpse of while driving to school, work or college, we make it a point that everyone in the group knows about the beauty nature blessed that man with. We all love to admire God’s creations!

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3. We Pakistani girls definitely talk about our escapades of the culinary kind

Telling the group about our adventurous trip to the kitchen, dealing with all sorts of complicated utensils and experimenting with the ingredients becomes our favorite hobby at some point in life. Once we discover the Gordon Ramsay that resides in every one of us, we make it a point to share millions of pictures of the unique creations we come up with every day and wait for the likes and appreciation.

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4. Our fashion conundrums

We love discussing the fashion choices of others’ but our own sartorial dilemmas sometimes take precedence even though our wardrobes are overflowing with the gazillion clothing choices. You will never be able to calculate the amount of effort a girl has put in while selecting ‘the outfit.’ And a special shout-out to those friends who didn’t lose their cool when we flooded their whatsapp with nothing but pictures of the outfits.

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5. Our ability to bloat up just by looking at food

This is probably one of the biggest fears for girls. When those clothes start feeling a little snug in certain areas or those buttons don’t all close. But thanks to some very dear friends and zubaida aapa ke totkay we always find hope, even if things don’t actually go back to ‘normal’ without a rigorous round of exercise.

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6. About that time someone gave us a compliment, especially if it’s ‘that one guy’

Yes! As soon as we hear a compliment, it is mandatory to boast about it and let the group know the second by second detail of how, when, where and why. The discussion that follows never ends and when it’s about to die, we start discussing it from the beginning, enjoying the story even more, the 13th time.

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7. Our lack of will to live a.k.a our ability to dramatize simple situations

Not only do we discuss the bright side of our lives, but we also talk about some serious shit! Once in a blue moon we have a discussion about what fate has in store for us, how we don’t fit in this world and how the people around us take us for granted. The deep discussion can last for hours and every friend in the group will shed light on her life experiences and share her wisdom guiding the distressed about how to live life. Who needs therapy when you got friends to share your feelings with, aimrite?

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8. All. The. Lawn.

Chatting about the new lawn and cambric collections is something that will never get old, just like those sales that are sold out within hours. We can spend hours discussing the works of our favorite designers, whine about the rocketing prices and still end up buying the prints that we discussed were the best among the whole collection. But then we all end up dressing the same 🙁

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9. Giving each other false hopes is another specialty of Pakistani girls

Every now and then we feel guilty about wasting our time and not doing anything productive. We chat about how a talented girl turned all her endeavors into a howling success and here we are lying in bed whatsapping our friends. But the guilt is a mere guest that doesn’t stay longer than a couple of minutes. The discussion ends up with conclusion “InshAllah hum graduate hokar bohat amazing kaam karein gay.”

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10. What to do and where to go to be seen by anyone who’s someone is sometimes a thing for Pakistani girls, just like the boys

We talk about our favorite restaurants because you HAVE to go to the newest place because everyone who is anyone is going there. We talk about events happening around town, store launches, parties, concerts, heck we’ll even talk about waking up early on a Saturday to drag ourselves to a literary festival or two just so that we can take those selfies with Mahira Khan or Mira Sethi.

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11. We Pakistani girls definitely talk about our dreams because we don’t usually get to live them

Don’t be fooled if you think these dreams are as simple as getting that job because while we may talk about becoming a ‘success story’ we secretly all know most of us will settle for the comforts of a teaching job and a married life. And our ideas about our perfect wedding are shared aplenty with our sahelian.

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12. The girl talk

We are having this discussion all the time. Because it is very important to discuss these topics. What these topics are shall remain for the intelligent ones to know and the foolish ones to keep guessing.

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13. Our crushes

Just like that packet of Lays or that chocolate chip cookie, you don’t have just one but a dozen crushes at any particular time. So boys take out your pencils and paper and note this down because I’m sure you were dying to know about this one…

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Not only do we discuss the crush but we also comment on how his current wife or girlfriend doesn’t deserve him. And yes most of our crushes are married…sigh. So we discuss ways of showing our crush how we are the ones who are the potential candidates. These days we are drooling over Canada’s new kaptaan.


14. How men are sensitive in MangoBaaz’s comments section about what Pakistani girls and women should do with their lives and their bodies

Talk about a woman, talk about a man, talk about the LGBT, talk about a stupid tooth brush, literally all the men are crying over it more than a baby cries when some street bully steals their candy.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr


15. And Pakistani girls talk about lots and lots of things that are no one’s business but ours

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Source: Tumblr


What else do you think Pakistani girls talk about?


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