Pakistanis Are Defending Punjabi Language After This Woman Complained That A Traffic Warden Said “Something Bad” To Her In Punjabi

By Janita Tahir | 19 Feb, 2020

This woman’s complaint about a traffic warden speaking Punjabi and saying something bad to her has gone viral.

VIP culture has spread throughout the country like a plague and even knowing how to speak the English language is enough to make some people think they are better than others. As the Pakistanis become more active on social media, these cases, increasingly, find themselves on the internet and quickly become topics of debate. One such case about a woman screaming at the traffic police officer for speaking Punjabi has been doing the rounds.


This woman was caught on camera shouting at a police officer for saying something to her in Punjabi

According to the video, apparently, she was stopped by the police for using her phone while driving. The officer told her to roll down her window and talk calmly. She claims he said something “bad” to her Punjabi which she was obviously not okay with. She complained to his superiors and it was all captured in the video.

The person recording the video kept asking questions as she was ranting to the police officers so she also admonished the guy for shoving a camera in her face and getting all up in her business. She specifically told him that she doesn’t give him permission to record her but the video still found itself on the internet.


Pakistanis took offense to this woman implying that Punjabi might be an indecent language 

Because the woman didn’t exactly specify what offensive thing the police officer said to her, it felt as if she was ranting about the fact that he spoke to her in Punjabi. So, many Pakistanis criticized the woman for displaying ignorant behavior and demeaning a language loved and spoken by many.


People also criticized VIP culture and the self-entitlement that comes with it

Often, people seem to forget that rather than your wealth and education, it’s the way you carry and present yourself that makes all the difference. Many highly educated people come off as unlearned due to their bad manners. Pakistanis criticized the woman on her seemingly bad behavior to an officer of the law who was just doing his duty in the video.


This isn’t even the first time VIP culture and people’s rude behavior with traffic authorities was called into question

Previously, a woman in Karachi had an FIR launched against her for being extremely rude to the traffic warden. She stooped to using vulgar language and hurling abuses towards the officer even though she broke the signal and was in the wrong. There was outrage in the country as people called out the awful behavior.


However, this recent case seems to be different than others as some people have come out in the woman’s support

Some people have questioned the legitimacy of the video in portraying the complete story. They wondered if the video was incomplete and that the traffic warden indeed used bad language with her instead of just normally speaking Punjabi. If that is the case, this would justify the woman’s outraged reaction.

Others argue that it’s not true. Since she herself quoted that the police officer said to her was “Madam jee, sheesha neechain ker k aram se baat keren“.

Yet other people have also highlighted that a cop on duty should speak in the official language instead of Punjabi.


Of course, some people tried to find the humor in all this

While many were angry and debates sparked on the actions of the lady some people chose to make funny memes and jokes about the situation to lighten the mood.


What do you think of the whole debacle? Let us know in the comments below.


Cover image via:@aadiiroy19 / Twitter

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