People Are Questioning VIP Culture After This Woman In Karachi Was Rude To A Traffic Warden

By Rameeza Ahmad | 27 Nov, 2019

VIP culture and chori ooper se seena zorri

There is a lot of anger that people feel towards the VIP culture that operates within Pakistan. Anyone with a bit of affluence automatically assumes that they are above the law. In fact, the current governing party promised to fight against the VIP culture which plagues the nation.

While VIP culture remains more or less the same, with the advent of social media however, these transgressions of law and order are often recorded by people in videos. Which brings us to the latest offender; a woman in Karachi’s DHA/Clifton area refusing to accept that she broke a signal and abusing the traffic warden.


Pakistanis are demanding end to the VIP culture after this privileged woman from Karachi behaved disgustingly rudely with a traffic warden who was just doing his job

The video shows the usual pattern; a person in a big and fancy car refusing to take responsibility, claiming to phone some high official and get the officer in trouble and abusing the wardens. But the wardens don’t let her go and keep insisting that she gives them her license of ID card and she keeps tell them to shut up and referring to them as ‘bhudday’ and ‘badshakal’ and even ‘do takay kay aadmi’ among other things.


It is this VIP culture that leads to a cycle of malicious, privileged people leeching off of the aam awaam and this woman’s rudeness has pissed off many


It has now come to light that an FIR had been registered against the “na maloom” woman

Source: @AsifRazzakPSP / Twitter


And the Traffic Police of Karachi also issued a statement on the matter

Source: @AsifRazzakPSP / Twitter


It’s sad that it’s because of such behavior that an officer of the law had to make a video to prove that he was just doing his job

The officers and other bystanders kept making sure they make a video of her and her vehicle and promptly shared it with others. The video became viral on social media with people trying to figure out who the woman is. A amateur internet sleuth looked up the details of the car’s ownership which allegedly belonged to a senior professor in Mehran University, Jamshoro.


People were outraged and hoped that she would be identified and this disgusting VIP culture would be put to an end soon

As if rich, powerful people would ever want to give up their power, LOL.


The sense of entitlement is disgusting and to think this is what the ‘educated’ portion of the population is like is very disheartening


Many people showed sympathy for the police officer


The issue regarding uncontrolled VIP culture, more or less, remains the same. As we have seen with the recent example of ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, those with affluence are definitely treated differently to normal citizens. A normal prisoner would never be allowed such exceptions, especially if involved in court proceedings or having a run-in with the law.

Even with everyday life, if anyone of us gets caught by traffic police or law enforcement, the first thought is to find someone of influence or a “connection” who can force the police officers to let us go.

In a country where laws are treated as disgusting joke only to be circumvented, anyone who finds enough power to jump through the loopholes will do so. It is the job of the authorities to ensure that no one, even the Prime Minister or the Chief of Army Staff, is able to circumvent the law.

What do you think about VIP culture in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below.


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